Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law Seeing Changes

By: Alyssa Fenske Email
By: Alyssa Fenske Email

There are changes for Michigan's medical marijuana law. That's because Governor Snyder signed more bills into law.
The new measures will have an effect on the 2008 voter approved law.

The changes will effect patient- physician relationships, caregivers, insurances, and medical marijuana identification. Now, the dispute is over whether the changes were necessary..

The biggest change will be the stricter laws on doctor-patient relationships. No longer will appointments be run via skype.

"We had a clinic that you could see a doctor over the internet and that is simply inappropriate," said Senator Rick Jones (R).

Lansing marijuana distributor Tim Jenkins says the new laws will only be harming customers.

"Michigan in s a rural state not everyone can drive here to get certified," said Jenkins.

Caregivers will have stricter laws as well, no longer can someone with a felony be certified or be growing marijuana for patients...

"Rapist and people who have sold illegal drugs have applied and gotten caregiver cards. This new law will insure safety for those seniors," said Jones.

But Jenkins says he sees a flaw with that law as well.

"There are people who get in trouble at age 18 and 7 years later are running a legitimate medical marijuana operation with customers," said Jenkins.

All the new laws Jones says are to weed out those who are using the medicine for recreational use, but Jenkins says he doesn't see the point.

"We have been bending over backwards to uphold the states law although we prob don't agree with 95% of it," said Jenkins.

The laws will come into effect within 90 days says Jones and there are more still to come.

"I hope Snyder will sign a bill next week saying that auto insurance will not have to pay for medical marijuana," said Jones.

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  • by concerned citizen on Apr 11, 2013 at 09:23 AM
    I have no issues with the recreational use of this "medication" as you say, Now that being said if i am hurt on my job because of a person who is "medicated" they should be treated the same as a person who is intoxicated on the job. JMO, any place when equipment that can hurt someone else is used is no place for either.
  • by Anti-Ignorance Police Location: Earth on Apr 10, 2013 at 10:45 AM
    Jason, you shut your ignorant, idiotic mouth. Insulting moron - see I can name call too, but at least mine speaks the truth, whereas yours is just a tired, played-out, old, useless word that people who don't know any better throw around when they have no real argument against this medication. I made perfect sense to anyone with a brain, a category you obviously fall well outside of. Just as Karen pointed out, not all drug users are bad people. And if you did have a brain, you'd realize that you're safer on the road with someone like me than someone out there all doped up on perfectly legal Percocet and Fentanyl (these words I know because I'm smart, have never worked at McDonald's - of which there is nothing wrong with anyway, rude jerk - and I do work in the medical field, as I said). You are just another little man with little opinions that are becoming a part of the minority as a recent nation-wide study indicated that now over half of this country supports legalization of marijuana. I think it's you who truly looks like the ignorant idiot who should get his brainless head out of the sand and take a look towards the future...it's very GREEN. Have an awesome day. Thanks to my little card and bag of medicine, I know I will.
  • by Karen Location: Lansing on Apr 7, 2013 at 05:04 PM
    Booo Eaton County!!! Bring back Judge Oseterhaven!! There was a man who cared about the individual!! Not all drug users are bad people, and he knew it. Not everyone who smokes pot deserves jail for it!
  • by REN Location: Lansing on Apr 7, 2013 at 05:27 AM
    These changes should have been in the original law. Also, doctors need to be monitored closer to verify their business is more than enabeling drug users to get high. Pot should be "distributed" by licenced pharmacies ONLY. Most rural patients have other prescriptions written by their doctor, so it is not as inconvienient as Tim Jenkins wants people to think.
  • by Brian Location: Battle Creek on Feb 9, 2013 at 06:29 AM
    Damon,Damon,Damon;for a person who claims to have all the facts it's clear that your facts are baseless. I'm a Diasabled Veteran who knows for a fact that even the young get seriously FUBAR in combat. I'm not saying there aren't abusers. Then again if you give people a drivers license they're going to speed. I personaly know card holders that made more money last year than you or I will make in a life time (no not from the drug trade). Honestly, If you did as much research as you claimed than you realize that if you drink alcohol and use tobaco products you are doing yourself more harm than marijuana use. That my freind is fact (I've done my research).
  • by josh on Jan 22, 2013 at 07:06 AM
    johnb - Thankfully the people of eaton county had enough sense to get rid of the old sheriff Mike Raines last November. Raines was a spitting image of the guy who gave him everything he had, Rick Jones. Now we need to vote out some of these conservative judges.
  • by johnb Location: Lansing on Jan 19, 2013 at 11:53 AM
    Id like to know how the govenor or anyone else can change laws that were voted by the People. Thats like Eaton County who still says its against Fedral law so they can still arest registerd card holders. Ive got a card but I got cought with a joint in eaton county just before they passed mmmp they still think they going to give me a year for it and the truth is to put me in jail for it at all is a waste of tax payers money! I mean I did ten weekends, Paid a $3000 fine lost my drivers license for 18 months.See that seems like a pupet court cause they used 4 feloney charges I beat as a baisis to give me a year anywhere but Eaton county thats against the Law. I bet taking my License for smoking a joint has to be illegal.I wasnt driving. I was punished 6 times for one joint thats not Legal so I run every time a cop comes around but thats not right. Get a load of this the sherif sent me a bill for DUI I must of missed that memo i didnt know I had one. Facts are us hippies won the war on drugs.I told them people I smoke daily cause I had my arms ripped off and my face.Freaks put me through the ringer.Id really like to know since we won the war on drugs when are they going to tell people like Judge Rinki? Obviously someone needs to tell the govenor too! Please leave me alone let me toke in peace.I paid a bit more than my share.The funny part of all this is they tried to tell me not only I couldnt smoke but I cant take my perscription drugs given to me by a doctor for pain. I got 3in. bolts in both shoulders and I had 157 stitches in my face.If your mad now you should see my eyes at harvest!
  • by Jason Location: Jackson on Jan 15, 2013 at 07:22 AM
    Anti-Ignorance Police: Shut your ignorant mouth. You make no sense what so ever. You probably work at McDonalds. No decent paying job would hire a pothead like yourself.
  • by Anonymous on Jan 12, 2013 at 04:12 PM
    is it possible to get a list of doctors who have written the most MMP. It would be interesting to see where they are located and where their patients are located.
  • by Anti-Ignorance Police Location: Earth on Jan 9, 2013 at 07:56 AM
    Hey, "Anonymous" (AKA Loser), I have a job and probably get paid more than you do - a job that takes intense focus and a great memory, and I medicate every single day. I also have a college degree and accreditation credentials. Thank you for giving me yet another opportunity to point out what an ignorant moron you are - yay for me!!! As for you Demon, my above comments prove what an ignorant fool you are as well. Again, I have a job, get paid quite well, am raising a teenager by myself, have a large circle of friends and family that I'm quite active with, and again, I medicate every single day to control the pain and such from extensive nerve damage from multiple surgeries - I am also completely narcotic resistant, meaning I can take the maximum allowed amount of, say, Codeine, and have it make me nothing but sick. So many of you just need to shut up and start educating yourselves before you open your idiotic mouths again. You are perpetuating a really dumb stereotype about medical marijuana users - we are not all "just potheads looking for a fix", but you who criticize so openly and vehemently are all ignorant and uneducated loudmouths who need to retreat back into the dark corners you crawled out from and leave us the heck alone with your nasty, judgemental comments. Anways, please show all of us your perfectly clean slate before you pass judgement of any kind on anyone.
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