Weapons Bust Near Waterloo Township

By: John Tramontana Email
By: John Tramontana Email

Rifles, automatic weapons, handguns and plenty of ammunition to boot. It's just some of what Waterloo Township Police found at this residence after a major bust Friday night.

"We went in with a search warrant and found about 18 different weapons around the house," said Waterloo Police Chief Tom Cottrell.

Many of which authorities say are illegal.

Police say the bust began when a woman used the suspect's driveway to turn around. She told police the suspect then came at her with an automatic weapon and threatened her.

That woman then left and called police. Chief Cottrell says she was distraught and extremely frightened. He says they used her statement to get a warrant signed.

"As we began to investigate that complaint and interview some neighbors, we found out there may be some automatic weapons in the house."

Police, along with the Michigan State Police Swat Team, raided the home and immediately seized the guns and arrested the suspect.

We went to his home on Saturday to talk to his family, where we found his wife. She kicked us off the property.... and says she supports her husband, and is pointing the finger at the alleged victim.

"Some strange idiot drove up in our driveway," she shouted.

The suspect now faces two felony charges including felonious assault and a felony firearms violation. Police believe there will be additional charges next week once the Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms investigates the case.

The suspect is currently lodged in the Jackson County jail and will be arraigned on Monday.

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  • by Terry Location: FREE COUNTRY? on Aug 3, 2010 at 10:27 AM
    I am the VICTIM'S sister.And the VICTIM was the ARRESTED party.I was not aware of this comment page, but now that I am,I feel I HAVE TO add my part.And Steve's posting on Sept.23rd made my blood boil!It's people like you that BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY READ OR SEE ON THE NEWS.My brother WAS ON HIS OWN PROPERTY when the woman turned around in his driveway. And HE WAS PRACTICING WITH HIS LEGAL GUN at the time. He lowered it to the position it should be in when she pulled up.I can imagine for an anti-gun person this could be frightening.BUT WHEN THE CALL WAS MADE TO THE POLICE, WHY DID THEY SEND THE RESPONSE THAT THEY DID..blocking off the road & practically sending troops?? WHY DIDN'T THEY TALK TO HIM & get the story straight?? MY BROTHER HAD NO ILLEGAL WEAPONS.But as usual the media blows it out of proportion.And to come hunt him down,throw him in jail,tear apart his home & COST THOUSANDS when YOU'RE INNOCENT!Then just oops,too bad & people in fear of you for a LIE! IMAGINE THAT.YES BEWARE
  • by Bob Location: Stockbridge, Michigan on Nov 1, 2007 at 02:16 PM
    I am the person this story was written about. I just had the charges dismissed because all that happened was I had a heated discussion with a woman in my driveway who got scared. She told the police I had a gun but NEVER said I pointed it at her. If you are interested in details maybe this reporter would like to contact me instead of showing up that evening when my wife is understandably distraught from a jack-booted commando raid on her husband and her home! I also plan on putting the full account of this incident on my website at www.MadMaxsAuthenticPlates.com as soon as I get the transcript from the court when the charges were dismissed. It, along with the REAL story, will hopefully open some eyes to how little you can believe that you see in the news. The police can lie all day long and it is printed as gospel!
  • by Anonymous on Oct 7, 2007 at 02:19 PM
    NO INJURED PARTY, NO LAW BROKEN! Man has a right to bear arms. was there a sign posted NOT to use END of driveway? Man was Obviously having a bad day. Woman was emotional. (LIE # 1. he did not shoot at woman per paper.#2 woman didnt call police #3 woman NEVER stated it was an automatic weapon #4 man did not threaten life #5 woman didnt drive UP INTO drive, used END of it by road (this is NOT illegal or trespassing) was it posted? NO! Man HAS right to bear arms. Semi's are NOT illegal. Police are making woman out to be more evil with lies and BS than WHAT REALLY HAPPENED and what was REALLY STATED in statement! They all have a way of twisting WORDS around to suit THERE needs. MAN was protecting his property but should not be POINTING a gun at innocent people for using the END of the drive.Woman did NOTHING wrong using the END of it. Man will go free if NO charges are pressed. Man HAS a RIGHT to get ALL his guns BACK! Police took an emotional situation and made BIG, wrong fuss over it!!
  • by Anonymous Location: Lansing on Sep 26, 2007 at 07:52 AM
    Interesting that this took place in Jackson County. I believe the authorities in this county have a real problem with the civil rights of its residents. Whether it's guns or horses, like the Turn 3 Ranch disaster by the Jackson County Animal Control, the authorities in Jackson County have complete disregard for it's citizens rights. Look into the Turn 3 situation and the facts behind that case and you'll find it to be very similar to this one. Good luck citizens and prepare to have your rights further violated in the future.
  • by Brian Location: Jackson on Sep 25, 2007 at 10:04 AM
    They don't post all comments because they sensor the ones that they don't want to answer to. The media goes out of its way to misrepresent how america really feels about gun control. Bottom line is if the truth got out, the uninformed public would see what they've been up to all these years. This probably won't see the light of day either, just like the last 3 I've sent.
  • by Rick Location: Stockbridge on Sep 25, 2007 at 07:12 AM
    Sounds like the bureaucrats protecting themselves by using any excuse to disarm private citizens. It also sounds like the same kind of incomplete, and or inaccurate, biased reporting that we are used to by this outlet. What is it about stripping away Constitutional rights that appeals to WILX, that they would so poorly report such a non-story? I'm thinking that it's time to either load up to defend against home invasion by the "authorities", or load up and join the exodus out of this police state!
  • by Someone Location: SW Mich on Sep 25, 2007 at 06:52 AM
    Just going on whats in the article here; theres no way they'll get the assault charge to stick unless the guy has a crackhead for a lawyer. - As for the illegal weapons, a good lawyer may be able to get him off on that too if he can get it ruled that the search was improper. - Sounds like someone jumped the gun here. ;)
  • by Anonymous Location: Jackson on Sep 25, 2007 at 06:29 AM
    they do not post all comments whats up with that
  • by unknown Location: Michigan on Sep 25, 2007 at 04:12 AM
    Right To Keep And Bare Arms Shall Not Be Infringed = Second Amendment = Constitution of the United States ( what part do you not understand )
  • by jean Location: lansing on Sep 24, 2007 at 09:30 PM
    how can G.M send our work to China, bring the cars back here and sell them to us.
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