Dogfighting in Mid-Michigan

By: Beth Shayne Email
By: Beth Shayne Email

"It's like having a lethal weapon and nobody can do anything about," Jamie McAloon-Lampman, animal control director for Ingham County, says of the kind of dogs used in dogfighting.

Ferocious, trained to kill, there are several victims of dogfighting now in Ingham County's custody at the shelter.

"They love you so much they are gonna do anything for you," McAloon-Lampman explains, "including kill other dogs and even die....The carnage that comes with dogfighting is not just from the dogfight. There is a lot of abuse that takes place prior to the event to train the dogs."

The suspects in Ingham County courts right now include Corey Henry, whose pleaded guilty to lesser charges. Investigators took 16 pitbulls from his house. They are still working on the case of Delton Durane Jones, charged with dogfighting. From him, they seized 8 dogs.

There are several other cases under investigation in which charges haven't been filed.

"Now that people are becoming more aware, we are getting more tips, we are getting more calls. We are making more seizures on these houses and taking these animals away," McAloon-Lampman says.

She's certain there has been dogfighting in the area for years and says they find dead dogs regularly. Now, they are prosecuting more cases and caring for more dogs and McAloon-Lampman says it's expensive. She's says the department needs more resources now and in the future.

With dogfighting tips in Ingham County, call 676-8676.

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  • by Matt Location: Jackson on Jan 22, 2008 at 05:18 PM
    Well I Think JB That You Are Wrong Dead To Rights If You Have A Pit Bull It Can Change I Know Because I Have One Myself That Had Been Fought And If Your To Iggnorant To See That Dogs Can Change Just Like Humans Can Then I Dont Think That You Have A Shred Of A Brain In Your Head This Really Makes Me Mad That The Dogs Are Getting Put Down Because Of Mindless People Like You EVERYBODY Deserves A Second Chance Dont Take Them Of Thiers And Next Time You Get Bit Dont Provoke IT!!!
  • by Heidi Location: ClarkLake on Aug 23, 2007 at 12:08 PM
    Keep in mind there are only bad dog owners. I have known many people, including current family members that own AST's and never had one incident of violence with these dogs. Raising with children as well as around adults and other dogs. When a dog attacks there is a reason for it. Whether it is protecting its home and owner. If the dog is raised to do so, it will, no matter what it's breed. I am against making these dogs illegal to own just for the reason that all good owners raise good dogs and I have seen the proof throught my life. It is bad owners teaching their dogs to be violent without regards to keeping them locked up. Bad owners encourage their dogs to attack and act vicious. These people should be banned from owning pets altogether,Period! Attack dogs don't know they are being bad, because they are not taught that it is bad. Its time to retrain them.
  • by pissed Location: mi on Aug 21, 2007 at 08:02 PM
    i hope they fry the bastards
  • by JB Location: Jackson on Aug 21, 2007 at 09:50 AM
    Well I do know if rehabilatation would work with some of these dogs and I know once they have been a fighter I would not want one or trust it becuase of what had happened to it. Now as for pit bulls I have been around alot of them and I never turn my back on one because I do not trust them and yes I have been chased and biten by one. I think it should be against the law to own one because of what can and alot of times will end up happening to them. I am a person who perfer's a big dog and not a little one, the little ones are ok for those who like them but for me I am afraid I would step on them cause they are so little. I like the german shepard or a doberman. I feel any one of these dogs that has been in fighting situation should be put down for protect of people and other dogs cause you never know when or if they will attack like the old woman that died in detroit from a pit bull her son had when it attacked her and killed her.
  • by Heidi Location: ClarkLake on Aug 21, 2007 at 06:11 AM
    What about the Dogs? I believe that animals can be rehabilitated. Dogs used in fighting are obviously able to be handled, but might not be able to be with other dogs. They fight other dogs not people. I do NOT believe so called experts that say that the dogs "have" to be destroyed. The law should look into rehabing the dogs with people that know how. I own Boxers and they are frequently mistaken for an AST. By the way, they are American Stadfordshire Terriers. The AST are excellent pets. The breed has a bad rap because of BAD OWNERS only! I have been more fearful of the littlest "ankle biters" than the big dogs. My heart breaks to see these beautiful dogs locked up awaiting their doom. I want to take them in and help them to transform into the loving loyal pets they can be. The only crime here is the idiots that use these dogs for sick monetary pleasure. They should be prosecuted for Animal Abuse as well as the illegal fighting, to its fullest extent! On behalf of all good dog owners.
  • by Sally A.. York Location: Brighton on Aug 21, 2007 at 03:20 AM
    This is a nasty crime and for those that you go not break up some of those dogs get into general population and they are dangerous dogs. The other thing is I hope the press is watching the activity in the courts I am sick to death with the pleas that are being made. Vic should have gotten the book thrown at him instead of a slap on the hands, a fine and they are not only sure if this slime will not be removed from football. Todays sports are as bad as the old Roman Gladiators the more blood and gore the better. Well I guess that the natives have to be entertained in order to keep them from paying attention to what is going on in our government.
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