Surveillance Cameras Going Up in Lansing

By: Lansing Email
By: Lansing Email

It's not clear how many or how much it will all cost, but the cameras will be in place by fall say Lansing leaders.

Police Chief Mark Alley says the plan to put cameras up has been in the works for a few months. Ruth Hallman's brutal beating July 28th signaled the need to move fast he says. She died days later.

Mayor Virg Bernero says the city will use any new tool or technology available to keep neighborhoods safe. The cameras are part of a new neighborhood safety plan to be unveiled soon.

Similar sized Rockford, Illinois, used surveillance cameras at a housing complex experiencing problems. "The cameras have really helped reduce crime in the area," says Alley. His hope is to have wireless cameras placed on poles in problem areas throughout the city. Officers may be able to monitor the video from their desktop computers or in their patrol cars.

No word on where the cameras will go, but Alley says one will be going up in the Genesee Neighborhood, the same neighborhood Hallman lived in.

So, what about big brother watching? Alley says if you're not breaking the law you have nothing to worry about.

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  • by LegallyRad Location: Lansing on Aug 8, 2007 at 06:55 PM
    cameras are a good idea. especially near pine and saganaw street. perhaps not to apprehend the suspect during the commission of the crime, but to identify later and deter. this should not be a big brother or aclu isue as these cameras will only be covering activity that is open and obvious to the public already. it is merely a set of recording eyes for the police that can't be in every place at every moment. lansing is a poor city. we don't have taxes to be spending on excessive amounts of patrol officers. in the case of ruth hallman, it may not have prevented her death, but if someone walked through the streets near her house in the time window available, it would be an acceptable lead for the authorities to follow up. and El Juez, the cameras would be in bullet proof protectors and out of reach thus preventing tampering. this is already done in chicago and with aclu approval.
  • by Rick Location: Stockbridge on Aug 8, 2007 at 07:03 AM
    Next there will be a camera in every yard? "So, what about big brother watching? Alley says if you're not breaking the law you have nothing to worry about." Bull! It's exactly this kind of fear mongering and side-ways logic that has lead us to the point where technology, not real people, are being relied upon to protect us......insane. It's also another example of the typical knee-jerk reaction that we're rapidly becomming accustomed to. This equals big trouble down the road. Complacency is very dangerous, and the general public had better get a grip soon, or suffer having the government monitor your every move. Bad enough that you can be tracked and snooped on via cell phone. 1984 has come, and nobody noticed or cared enough to stop it. Wake up Lansing, or you'll turn into the Stalinist state that we should ALL fear.
  • by Thomas Location: Jackson on Aug 8, 2007 at 06:12 AM
    Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, in order for cameras to work you would need them every so many feet. Then what funds would be use to have people monitor them? Do crimes happen in the same place each time? Like El Juez said they will just shoot them. When and if caught prison is no good for them, they did not learn from their parents, teachers or others so what is a prison going to do. They don’t want to work for a living they just want to do the crimes. What we need to do is execute them when they are caught, show these fools that we are sick of their actions, after seeing that we mean business, maybe some will finally get it and start working for the good of mankind. Jamie, I know Lansing is a violent crime area; we house many of them here on Cooper Street. Jackson and all other areas have problems, it just that our system caters to them. I am sorry Jamie cameras are not the way to go. Additional police force would get my vote.
  • by Jamie Location: Sunfield on Aug 7, 2007 at 12:44 PM
    This guy in Jackson must not know how bad it gets in Lansing. I am 28 years old and I grew up in Lansing and lived there for 20 years. Now I live in a safer place to raise my 6 year old. Cameras are a great thing i think. They can make a difference. These chumps that are doing these crimes and the people who that this is happening to in most cases knmow the person. They can see if they know the person by watching what the cameras recorded. I grew 1 block from Sparrow Hospital and it was had. Always having to worry and watch your back. Not cool. There are already enough cops out there. I see them everwhere i turn in Lansing. Cameras are a good idea so go with it.
  • by El Juez Location: East Lansing on Aug 7, 2007 at 12:35 PM
    I agree with Thomas. If the crooks don't cover up they will just shoot out the cameras. This is another ridiculous idea of the Mayor now joined by the Chief. Put the money into more police officers! This "plan" simply puts a "band-aid" on the problem and doesn't solve anything
  • by Thomas Location: Jackson on Aug 7, 2007 at 06:28 AM
    There is never money for programs, then they can find some for this. What is a camera going to do. By time the police are notified and respond the crime is done. Ones doing the crimes will just cover up better so they can't be seen. Put the money in the department that need it. More money for the police force would mean better protection, more officers for better response time. How long before the city says there is not enough funds to run the program, the upkeep for the cameras and the operating system. Then they will complain about that and want more money. I don't know what makes some people think!!!
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