Granholm Blasts Bailout Opponents

By: Jason Colthorp Email
By: Jason Colthorp Email

Governor Jennifer Granholm had some strong words for some of the southern Senators who helped derail the auto bailout. Before aiming squarely at the land of Dixie, the governor praised the President for intervening with a possible deal to get the automakers the billions of dollars they need.
"He extended a lifeline and we are grateful," said Granholm.

Outside of her praise for the White House, this was a different looking governor than we've seen in the past, obviously upset and "extremely frustrated" by what she's seen go down in Washington over the past day.

Without naming names, she questioned some senators motives and their patriotism.

"Having a strong manufacturing sector in the United States seemed to mean nothing to those who claim to be patriotic Americans," she said. "Those who have largely foreign investments were voting to actually hurt the American manufacturers and American workers."

That was a clear shot at Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee and Richard Shelby of Alabama, who have been the loudest critics of the bailout. Each state has three foreign auto plants. Lieutenant Governor John Cherry called them out for not having a full grasp of the auto industry because foreign companies use the same auto suppliers as domestic companies. And they would be hurt by a GM bankruptcy.

When asked if lawmakers' last-minute attempts to get UAW concessions was an opportunity to bust the union, the Governor agreed saying it was a motive.

The governor also announced the state placed an early order for 1,616 American-made vehicles to add to its fleet. Five Hundred of those will be purchased immediately.

Are Bailout Opponents Looking Out For Foreign Automakers At The Expense Of The Big 3?

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  • by James Location: St. Johns on Dec 15, 2008 at 04:32 AM
    These are the rewards of the seeds you sow. GM has screwed so many business,s and individuals in the past. Why it was just a decade ago it mandated it,s suppliers cut there prices by more than 10% regardless of there cost. They have (USED) supplies paying wages of as little as $10 right here in Michigan, while a few chosen at there plants make double and triple the wages. UAW members have claimed all new jobs for there own famlies yet, ask us outsiders to foot the bill for there extras (jobs bank, unemployment extras, free education, retirement at 48 yrs. of age, and the list goes on). Look a Motor Wheel, Fedral Mogul, or Dana employee in the face and ask for a bail out. Ask a contractor that has been bankrupted from working in a GM Plant. They have no mercy!!! As for me, I have mercy and will pray for you, just no money. I have my own problems.
  • by NO bailout for self inflicted wounds on Dec 14, 2008 at 05:35 PM
    Granholm should take less of a salary, and give it to her buddies in the UAW. Taxpayers didnt cause this problem, The UAW workers did. Who is going to bailout CONSUMERS who have debt??? What happens to GM and its workers was Self Inflicted! Too bad they had to keep demanding and demanding. Never happy. And they always acted like the Elite of society. While others couldnt find work anywhere. Now how does it feel to know that your future is just as shaky and as unstable as the rest of the people in the surrounding communities...Nobody is bailing out us, what makes them so special they should get govt handouts at taxpayers expense??
  • by Charles on Dec 14, 2008 at 04:52 AM
    John is correct, there was an attachment to the bailout vote that would give all Federal employees a raise, but that wasn't reported. Those Southern Senators are looking out for you more than you realized. It will likely still be passed and while you are about to lose your job the Federal employees may get an early Christmas present. Do you really think the Government is looking out for us, of all the RHETORIC by the President Elect nothing has been mentioned about fixing Social Security and Medicare. For the last 12-16 years that has been a major Political Battle. This last election it wasn't mentioned. The citizens of this country are so naive to what our Government is doing to this great Country. Why should they care, they have provided well for their families on the backs of the tax payers. WAKE UP!!!!!!
  • by emily on Dec 13, 2008 at 06:09 PM
    WE need to write to these freaks,E-Mail them tell them,what you think.
  • by jim Location: michigan on Dec 13, 2008 at 02:43 PM
    Now we have to remember what the wars are costing we have been in for yrs now,BILLIONS.We wonder how much of our social secerity funds are still left that the government keeps borrowing from.We never hear about all thoes secert research programs and stuff we aren't told about,just what do they cost?Trillions are collected in taxes each yr.Alot of that money gets invested and draws interest.Adding more money to the government money.So why can't they bail out bussiness to keep the USA going?Is the money even there to do so is a better question??Is all this can't do,shouldn't do just making us blame someone?Just all a good show when the truth is they just don't have the money??Something we may all want to think about.None of this makes sense.Was it the oil prices that started all the USA problems.Economy going bad?So many pieces of the puzzel seems to be missing.No BAIL OUTS.Down goes the job force of america,Down goes America?Then many countries go without our help and they go down!
  • by david Location: michigan sw on Dec 13, 2008 at 10:02 AM
    Well jenn is upset.She has cut so many programs to the poor ones with all the new cuts.Now with so many in mich faceing lay offs-then no jobs otherwise to put them to work and unemployment runs out?What programs will there be left to help these folks?NOT MUCH IN MICH.jenn cut them all.More homes will be lost,more could become homeless ect.More illness can spread with out medical treatments.Less will buy stuff,more food cards will need issued and more needing help on utilities and rent.With no help in mich.Live or die.Crime rates will sore.Oh yes jenn couldn't find ways to get jobs into mich.Wouldn't adopt the right to work,get rid of union crap,lower bussiness taxes,and so on to get JOBS here.Now she will be faced with so many problems.Problems she help caused by not running this state right.Who will end in this battle or are we done as a country.Bush needed to get out of offices 7 yrs ago.Look how great of a job he's done.Made himself and oil people rich.started a war too.
  • by Charles on Dec 13, 2008 at 07:03 AM
    Sorry Jennifer, Some of your colleagues are blasting the Southern Senators for tax breaks for the foreign manufacturers. Didn't you plan on doing that with VW, wouldn't that have been in direct conflict with the Big Three? More hypocrisy when your backed into a corner.
  • by john on Dec 12, 2008 at 08:35 PM
    Matt, yes thats allthe pres had to do and gov. grandholm was spending time in sweden and isreal to drum up work for mich. Do you think the fact a raise to all federal employees attached to the bill had anything to do with the defeat?
  • by James Location: Stockbridge on Dec 12, 2008 at 07:31 PM
    The Democrat party has the chance to make the republicans look like a real mule if they try to filibust this vote. No, they have not guts to let the republicans try to filibust it.
  • by Sue Location: Jackson on Dec 12, 2008 at 05:52 PM
    I believe that this has all been orchestrated by the Senators from the south; a well laid plan so their consituents will believe that they are looking out for their interests. Their motive for their votes is to secure their Senate seat in the future. It's nice to know that all they are interested in is politics and don't care about the effects this will have on millions of Americans who face hardship by not being able to afford basic needs; housing, food, clothing and utilities. I think their plan was to let the White House bail out the automakers while making themselves look good to their constiuents.
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