Jobs Forecast: Michigan Hasn't Hit Bottom

By: Associated Press
By: Associated Press

University of Michigan economists say the state will keep losing jobs for a while longer.
They say an employment decline that has wiped out about 400,000 Michigan jobs since mid-2000 will eliminate 76,000 jobs in 2007 and 51,000 in 2008.
The annual economic forecast says Michigan will gain 15,000 jobs in 2009.
Economists George Fulton, Joan Crary and Saul Hymans say vehicle sales should stabilize by 2009 and home-building should revive.
They say Michigan gained about 700,000 jobs in the seven years before the current slump began.
Michigan's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stood at 7.7 percent in October. That's the highest since 1992 and 3 points above the nation's 4.7 percent rate.

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  • by shirley Location: jackson on Nov 20, 2007 at 04:29 PM
    if no taxes were charged for jobs,factories,bussinesses,if they come to mich.and after 5 yrs,only have to pay a small amount of taxes.wonder if that would get many jobs here.what is more important at this time,jobs to put people to work,so they can pay there bills,get off social programs,and start spending money to bring up the economy.keep there homes or buy homes,cars and pay gas prices.without compaines haveing to pay high taxes,they could pay better,higher wages.then people could pay taxes as usual.however the gov is probably throwing a fit at such a suggestion.there going to have to change there greedy ways,and stop there stupid thinking,as they need to stop giving money away to other states,by stupid dessions.every penny counts.we need jobs badly,and to get them here it has to be a very good deal.without many many more jobs all over mich,in each county,to put all people to work.if this don't happen asap,there will be a mich,without anything.wake up government,your killing us.
  • by ronnie Location: flint on Nov 19, 2007 at 03:51 PM
    well guess these comments say what is going on.says many have jenn number alright,along with her gang.guess they do have there future in mind,not bad government can get away with the things they do.this bunch sure has let alot of people the state in a bottomless hole and say oh well we can't help you.we just want our pay.if nothing good is done after there long undeserved break,lets see what they learned when they come back.and what they will fix.or break,whatever comes'd think that with the tax payers paying them,so they have all the money they need,all the food they want,nice cars to drive,homes to live in that are nice,all there bills paid,and whatever one could want or need,you'd think they wouldn't let so many suffer.well all they have and there money won't buy them a place in heaven.but a place in H***.hope they will love there time there forever.bush included.
  • by leo Location: holland on Nov 19, 2007 at 12:42 PM
    now why don't jobs want to come to mich?they say detroit is the most dangerous city in the nation.taxing is done in a messed up way.state taxing,city taxing,cigg taxing,lottery taxing.all tourist bussiness almost gone,lakes polluted,heating costs high,very high home foreclosers,the gov here don't take good care of it's people.schools aren't the best.jenn wants compaines in the lansing area mostly,which taxes will be higher there do to all the fixing's her way or no way one wants to deal with that.out siders look at mich as a big mess.although there are thousands that are willing to work,we now look like a welfare state.forced to be that way due to our gov mistakes.who wants a stste without a budget either.and yes always the slow period before electing a president.compaines are very careful in choosing where they invest there time and money.what deals they can get ect.but can jenn give them deals they can't refuse.not with her attuide.she blew us away alright.
  • by terry Location: reading on Nov 19, 2007 at 12:22 PM
    we will gain 15,000 jobs in 2009.well news flash we need abot 5 times that to cover all over mich.the gov knows the whys and whats to all these problems.but there "what they wants"come first.while hurting mich they still draw there pay.this should not be that they should not be allowed to stay in office.but there laws protect them not to panic many,reports just may be off in numbers,as the news can only report what there told.all of a sudden we are hearing many things,that should of been told when they started,or been corrected,or stopped before they got out of hand.jenn knew about alot of stuff,said nothing,and got relected.this was very unfair to many,and only allowed things to get bush did the same in many ways.and the longer certain people are in office we continue to just get more and more problems.this is wrong,and worse yet they get away with voting time read between the lines.many in office now will never be ther again.they caused that,not us.
  • by david Location: lansing on Nov 19, 2007 at 09:02 AM
    so many things are going on in mich,non of it good.I'd really like to know what our taxes were spent on since jenn took office.we have the right to know.because something isn't right.cigg tax is high,lottery tax,and all the other taxes combined that mich does collect.what happened?and mich is broke,there's more and more homeless,food banks have so little,jobs are leaving on top of all that have left.sure the white house has messed up so much,but why is mich like it is.while other states are doing better.over 35 million people went hungry last yr.and many more this the usa.pretty serious.mich is on it's own as the rest of states,as bush has a one track mind, mich gov needs to see how serious things really are and do something to help people.or they need to all be taken out of office,we can't continue the way we are.we need to find someone with the answers asap.these gov people like time off work,how about permenant,full time off!people are suffering.we've had enough.
  • by andy Location: holt on Nov 18, 2007 at 10:16 AM
    well michigan isn't the end of the world,but we can see it from all keeps getting worse,this report comes out.but we figured as much the way mich is going.makes ya wonder what they will have to say,when returning from all there days off.wondering what the people will have to try and stop them from doing next.if they can't bring jobs in,the least they could do is stock ALL FOOD BANKS in mich.that could cost a million or so,but they want to research a bridge to canada,build more new things not needed at this time,which would cost alot more jobs leave and none coming in,what are people to eat,where do they live,ect.hadn't they better think about these things that will face many and the end results.I've seen animals treated better than what our gov treats us.they have nothing to be proud bush has only hurt so many with the wars.why would other countries hate us?no we haven't seen nothing yet,just wait.
  • by brenda Location: holt on Nov 18, 2007 at 07:14 AM
    this report is scary.what jobs will be leaving mich,is this report to low,and they expect more to leave really.mich don't really need this do they?we need so many jobs brought into mich.WHY DON'T they want to come here?the gov must know the answer,but yet fail to do anything about one time mich had so many jobs,besides our car compaines.if taxes are to high for bussiness,well we just need to make then so cheap.every penny cigg taxes were raised,alot have been buying else wheres,giving money to other states.why give jobs and money to other states just because mich gov won't give an inch and want all or nothing.will they get with the program and start using there heads?I've never seen so many highly educated people,be so stupid.with no common sense.many do not want to come to mich,simply because the way our gov is at this time.they can make lansing look so great,while the under lying problems are so noticeable in mich.they have failed the people in many ways.
  • by fran Location: reading mi on Nov 17, 2007 at 11:26 AM
    no but it will happen soon.went to the store latley?eggs are so high.have chickens gone on many dairy products are up,food has gotten right up there with the gas prices.but think how many dairy products we use to to make thanksgiving bad prices have to go up at a holiday many can't afford as it this another get rich thing for some.but I bet pay checks won't be going up,or thoes who depend on food cards,won't see them going up either.the causes for price raises aren't always due to because china has more jobs and people have a little more to spend,dairy products prices are in demand.well where did they get there jobs from?and a bigger flow of money.we know that answer,don't we.and with the holidays there are many store owners that will raise there prices to make sure there families don't go our own government are so greedy,best of the teaching ones.then blessed are the ones keeping prices as low as possible,giving to all the best they can
  • by jimmie Location: detroit on Nov 17, 2007 at 09:22 AM
    well then jenn and here bunch better get real busy,figureing out how to keep jobs here,and how to get the thousands back to work that need work.even if they charge these compainies no taxes right now,I don't care.the gov greed and over spending is what got mich in this mess.many are sufering in many ways.and someone at the white house needs to get off there butts and get the usa back on its feet.people are so upset,as they have had enough.the gov made the messes,they need to clean it up.does any one agree?
  • by rob Location: jackson. on Nov 17, 2007 at 07:09 AM
    when you think 51,000 more job loss in is many wonder what jobs,who will loose out,then what much more can mich people much of this is the results of our gov people in office at this time.and as they continue to NOT correct any mistakes,past or presant,jobs just leave.what are they doing to make jobs leave.whatever it is they need to get it it there greed for more taxes.instead of lowering the taxes compaines are asked to it that temp services run to much.part time work is counted as employment,along with temp job,so take them out of the count and we'd be more like 10% unemployment.the news needs to get answers from these jobs leaving and find out WHY jobs are leaving.what would bring jobs to mich,ect.where and what do we blame this for.people have the right to know.we aren't stupid.many are becoming homeless,many going hungry,can't pay all bills.this is serious.hardships are unreal.something needs done NOW.
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