Possible Tax Refund Delay

By: News 10
By: News 10

The IRS is warning tax payers of possible delays in issuing refund checks. The agency blames the delay on Congress; lawmakers have yet to approve temporary relief from the alternative minimum tax.
President Bush proposed this change in February, and if it's approved, it will take 10 weeks for IRS computers to adapt. The Bush administration says if Congress waits until after Thanksgiving to act, it's possible 50 million citizens would have to wait for refunds, totaling about 75 billion dollars.

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  • by bob Location: jackson on Nov 19, 2007 at 09:31 AM
    as mich don't have enough problems.when bush leaves office it just won't be soon enough.got us into wars we did not want,spending billions of $ we don't have to spend.incouraged us to be patient over china recalls,as many suffered.claims to start wars were false.many dieing.oil prices ragging hurting many,while thoes invested profit highly.as bushes family and friends are in oil.congress tries to stop many things bush does,but he's sneeky.but upon his leaving office,he will be set for life,as many.but will leave many suffering,and such a mess.if money wasn't being spent on wars,and other countries,think how much more could be spent here.leave it up to bush to pull something like this.he acts like the refunds are his own personal money.and mich is in a big mess as well thanks to our own gov people.what bussiness would want to come here?lets see what jenn does about all this going on in mich.she see NO PROBLEMS.so blinded.but she gets her bills paid,all the food she needs,ect.tax payers.
  • by eddie Location: jackson on Nov 18, 2007 at 08:59 AM
    being I'm 65 yrs old I have seen alot of things our gov has done,not only in mich but at the white house.from time to time some that were elected did some stupid stuff,but between bush and our governor jenn,I don't think I've seen so many mistakes and so many citizens being hurt.bush has nothing on his mind but the darn wars,spending billions.and jenn seems to have her mind in the clouds,on nothing.willing to build this and that,tax people and bussiness.and they can't get a decent budget because mich is in such a mess.out of control.so much of this could of been corrected or stoped before it got out of hand.where has our gov been,it's almost like we don't have one.but we just see our tax money go,as we get less and less back,and now they want to send refunds back at a much later date.once again messing up our lives.they are getting so good at this.so many lame excuses,not real answers.just down rights lies.what MESS will be next?
  • by ronnie Location: holt on Nov 17, 2007 at 07:30 AM
    what will be next?people need there money they have comming.there is no excuse for this.but they make plently excuses.between bush and our mich jenn and her group,I have never seen such a mess.it just took 2 terms for both to mess up so much.the hardships on many are over whelming.as we look more like a 3rd world country all the time.or looks like we may go into a depression.with a failing economy,you'd think they'd want these checks out on time,so people could spend.at least use there money to pay for high costing heat bills,so they don't go cold.or buy food they need.or make house payments or rent.we know bush wants more wars money,and someone is saying no,so is he throwing one of his childish fits again.next they'll say we won't get any tax refunds in the future.but we will pay in more.the gov is so out of hand.we are facing a very bad future.can any future elections stop this?are we too far gone?don't look good does it.WAKE UP AMERICA!
  • by pam Location: holt on Nov 16, 2007 at 02:28 PM
    i like one of the comments- the gov shouldn't get their checks until we get tax refunds. maybe they would start doing what their supposed to do.
  • by sandy Location: hudson on Nov 15, 2007 at 12:52 PM
    if they can't get us the money we have coming,then why should they be paid.good question.the key word with all answers is there the GOVERNMENT.they lie to us,tell us only what they want us to know.and do not let us know where much of our tax money goes,on what,or to whom.we know gas is high,and that the usa and some states are in a mess,and we are in wars.but really what DON'T we know.that is what is hurting us.they always cover up so much.bush has really messed up so many things in the united states.and all the billions that have been spent on wars.and then we will give them billions more to rebuild there countries.is the money even there to cover checks,good question.they've had there fingers in social secerity funds,which may effect manys retirement.yes there are many things the gov need to tells us,will they,no.
  • by Brenda Location: Lansing on Nov 15, 2007 at 11:58 AM
    Will they pay interest to the tax payers for delaying their checks H*** no, keep spending billions of $$ in a war for what? we have enough people in our country that are in need, without having to spend time and energy on a country that hasn't figured out how to turn things around themselves. Until the bush man leaves we will continue to see such issues arise.
  • by jim Location: lansing on Nov 15, 2007 at 07:34 AM
    this don't surprise me one bit.if the name bush is said,it explains it all.look at the billions he's used for wars.look how low the social secerity raise was,24$ a mo.look at the NO raises in proverty levels for yrs,hey the cost of living has went way up.look at the conditions of some states,mich included.look at all FEMA is needed for,as many still waiting.look at the high gas prices that have caused so many things to go up in price.How do we really know how much money was spent on things that shouldn't have been?did the white house spend money they don't know how to replace?kind of looks like it.look at stocks droping,forclosers,who does bush want to bail out,which rich friends.the usa dollar surely isn't worth a dime any more.look at the mess were in with china recalls,with no where else to buy.but yet bush just got 50 billion more,war related.people work for there money,now refunds may be on HOLD.taxes and never has accounts for that money.sounds just like mich gov.
  • by Thomas Location: Jackson on Nov 15, 2007 at 07:14 AM
    I bet the computer will still produce their checks. Their checks need to be held until this is taken care of, let them feel some hurt!
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