Illegal Worker Crackdown

By: Jeff Proctor Email
By: Jeff Proctor Email

Democrats in the State House plan to crack down on companies that hire illegal immigrants. They're expected to introduce bills Thursday making it a felony to hire illegal immigrants and forcing employers to document the legal status of their employees. The bills would also give employees "legal recourse" when companies replace them with undocumented workers.

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  • by carl Location: lansing on Nov 18, 2007 at 08:42 AM
    so if all illegal people are taken out of the usa,even if there are millions our gov saying this will give legal americans jobs,and bring down welfare programs these illegals get help from?and if there still isn't enough jobs,will thoes here on work visa be asked to leave as well.lack of jobs and high cost of social programs here in the states,have went up more and more each yr.bush has to spend billions on wars,and there alot of spending we don't know about,taking trillion in taxes from the people each yr.and always wanting more from the working ones.will cracking down on employers get done what they want?or is this just a start to what is to come.will boarder control be done with more people now,starting at the source?millions of people to be sent back?why does our gov wait so long to correct a problem,costing so much more now than it would of yrs ago?and this will cause people alot of problems.but we know how our gov is, don't we.never thinking about the later on effect.
  • by dennis Location: jackson on Nov 17, 2007 at 08:12 AM
    well the gov will do as they want right or they hurt many legal americans,why should they care whom else they hurt?not enough jobs,everything so high in costs,and all the rest of the things are the results of gov long have people been coming here?there are millions of illegals now.can't blame them considering how there gov does.but ours is getting there by the ways american people are treated.mich doesn't have enough jobs to give to all the people here.many are on state assitance programs,not by fault of their many holding jobs in mich are illegals?we don't know.and will legal americans work at these jobs.right now many is better than no job at all.will they do this company by company,state by state?will it open up more jobs in places.will employers be up set about this law.the gov under nixon allowed co to go to china,many jobs were see what happened.and now no jobs so illegals must leave to help gov stupidy,how messed up.
  • by Judy Location: Lansing on Nov 15, 2007 at 01:42 PM
    When the state of Michigan doesn't require proof of legal residency to get a Michigan drivers licence, and an illegal resident in Detroit was able to join the CIA, how can an employer - with limited resources - be expected to confirm the legal residency of a possible employee; when the Secretary of State doesn't do it, and the CIA seems to have failed at this also? With the easy availability of fake social security cards and other papers, how is a small business going to prove someone is legal? If this bill passes, along with the turmoil over the service tax, how is this state supposed to attract new companies to our state to help relieve the large unemployment rate and economic problems of Michigan? This is just one more burden put on employers that will kill business and employment opportunities in this state.
  • by nan Location: mich on Nov 15, 2007 at 01:41 PM
    alright,so it is illlegal to hire these people because they are not to be here in the first many will lose there way of support.they can move in with families and still end up on many social programs.and what about the ones with kids born here.they are citizens.are they going to take there children away and send parents do they plan on getting them back into there country.there are millions of illegals here.and more keep coming.some have been here for years.if it is wrong to hire them,how are they getting into social programs.and getting so much help.what is wrong with this picture in many ways.if they are sent here on work visa,they should work and not even be allowed help through our social programs,illegal should not be allowed at all to get help,why are they.the gov now wants them mixed up.the gov allowed this to happen by not enough boarder patrols and now there complaining about them backwards.
  • by Lesa Location: Tolhurst on Nov 15, 2007 at 12:09 PM
    Since when should "Americans" have to speak English, didnt "Americans" come from all different countries. Ireland, Germany, and others! What If this rascist country tell you to back to where your family originated. Nobody is stealing jobs. Many white people didnt work before this bacame an issue, they were already on welfare! This job issue shouldnt even be an issue. God put this land here for everyone-not jst white people, or demecrats or republicans, they are all the same-so why should it matter. I am ashamed to call my self an American, and the Gov. can kiss my a**. I think all the rascists should go back to there countries and everyone who really wants to live to be happy, and not have to speak english-because it is the all knowing language, because its not, I personally like Spanish, and actually having culture here in This owned by rascist land. So maybe we should write about other things in the paper, and make it free to come here and possible to become a citizen without paying.
  • by tim Location: sturgis on Nov 15, 2007 at 08:35 AM
    where this is concerned I think the gov has made up there mind.and I hate to tell some,not all illegals have low paying I have seen some that are great here in the usa they should all speak english.yes many get there share of gov help,while many americans go without.which the gov is the blame for many things and many being here.there are mixed feelings about illegals.but at this point the gov will rule,and force them out one way or the other.then and only then can they really prove they are taking our jobs.that americans will work at these jobs.ect.the gov must cover up there mistakes,of letting so many get here as it is.the gov and laws say illegal.and they will do what they want.and it hurts many not just illegals.sign of the times.this isn't over with yet.I feel for all people as this world has gone out of hand.god be with all.
  • by Sally Location: Brighton on Nov 15, 2007 at 03:09 AM
    This is about time and it is amazing that it is coming from the Democrats since it is ovious that the Dems in Washington do not share your concern. I beleive that those that come into this country through the recognized legal channels are more then welcome as far as I am concern, but those that are here illegal need to go back to their country and make reforms there. Thank you
  • by B Location: Ross on Nov 15, 2007 at 12:15 AM
    Illegals cost the taxpayers a fortune: see and While employers pay them low wages the community, state & federal tax payers foot their education, health, housing section 8 [one anchor baby will qualify them for many things] WIC for a year. We are forced in our little towns to hire Spanish speaking teachers. Most are low income workers so our taxes "make up for their low income." Federal money free breakfast, lunch school programs. The drain on hard working Legal families is unending. We must stop the madness. Become informed. Our soldiers and their families need our help and monies, not those here illegally. They must be sent back. We have limited funds.
  • by Tom S. Location: Grand Ledge, MI on Nov 14, 2007 at 08:59 PM
    There should not be a bill. Demcrats should not be able to put there mouth in everything.
  • by Josh Location: Okemos on Nov 14, 2007 at 08:57 PM
    It should not be a felony.!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO BILLS....
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