Man Calls Dog Dragging An "Accident"

By: Lauren Zakalik Email
By: Lauren Zakalik Email

Lucky the rottweiler mix has gone through more pain than most of us ever will.

"I thought for sure that poor dog was dead. It was awful," says Sherry Brown.

A couple of Sundays ago, Brown looked out her kitchen window and saw Lucky, chained to the back of a pickup truck, being dragged down the street. It took almost a mile of people honking and yelling to get the driver to stop.

"My husband Guy got ahold of the chain, and she was under the truck. He said, 'C'mon, baby, c'mon.' He got her out from under the truck and she went right to his chest to hug him and say thank you," Brown says.

Her injuries were extensive. Nails torn off, her belly rubbed raw-- it's been surgery after surgery for the dog, who's since been adopted by Brown and her husband and re-named Lucky. Lucky's former owners never showed up to claim her.

Police say the driver was 18-year-old Todd Meoak of Eaton Rapids. He pleaded not guilty Tuesday to animal abuse and reckless driving. He tells the judge he'd just gotten out of jail that morning; he was driving to see his mom and girlfriend, and didn't realize Lucky was chained to his truck.

"I'd like to help pay for some of the dog's medical bills," Meoak tells Judge Julie Reincke. "I feel bad. It was an accident. I did not know."

Some of lucky's injuries are worse than others. Her pads, for example, may never recover because they were worn down so badly. But other injuries are healing nicely.

"She's wonderful! So sweet, as if nothing happened," Brown says, petting Lucky. "She loves us as much as we love her."

Something good, perhaps, to come of something so tragic.

The judge set Meoak's bond at $2,000 cash or assurity. Prosecutors say he was convicted previously of hunting off-season, which stemmed from an incident where he shot Canada geese with an air-soft gun.

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  • by jodie lambert Location: eaton rapids mi on Jan 26, 2011 at 06:17 AM
    okay im his gf and this wasan accident you guys really dontknow the whole stroy and when yo u say your gonna drag him behind a car thats not right
  • by Anonymous on Dec 29, 2010 at 06:46 AM
    here's something to think about... The link between serial killers and animal abuse:
  • by Anonymous Location: Eaton Rapids on Dec 27, 2010 at 10:50 AM
    Autumn, the only way you could know this all as a "fact" is if you were there to witness the entire event. Otherwise you're just as reliable of a source as anyone else. And if you were in fact there, it was your duty as a citizen to report everything you saw to the police. You should have also reported everything you saw to the press to clear the name of your "innocent" friend. However, I get the sense that you are just repeating something that you were told, so it's not really all that reliable. Mr. Meoak had just been released that morning from jail, and then he went back to jail that very same day for an entirely different offense, so he hardly seems to be a poor innocent "kid." He had also been arrested in the past for another act of animal cruelty. If you are going to quote the Bible, you might also look at Proverbs 12:10: “A righteous man’s kindness extends even to dumb animals, but a wicked man is cruel, even when he thinks he is being most gentle."
  • by Anonymous Location: Eaton Rapids on Nov 29, 2010 at 06:04 AM
    I've seen photos of Lucky and it's hard to believe that Meoak couldn't see a dog that big tied to his truck. Yes, the person who tied Lucky to the truck is guilty, but that story has never came out yet to the press who actually did that. It would be nice to get a follow up on how Lucky is doing and also if Todd was found guilty of animal abuse. I guess it was some other person's fault too when he shot and killed a goose at the Island City Park? A place where families go with their children? I suppose every other time this poor innocent "Kid" (he is 18) gets into trouble has always been someone else's fault?
  • by Autumn Jennings Location: Eaton Rapids on Oct 21, 2010 at 09:09 AM
    Well, first off, i'm just going to say it wasn't His Gf's dog, it was uncle's dog, and your ''reliable'' source doesn't know what their talking about. And to call him a Monster is rediculous. I know for a fact he didn't know Kaida was back there, because I know who did clip her to his truck. His name is Tony Atchley, and the reason it all happened in the first place is because Tony was negligant enough to not inform any one she was back there. No one knew about it expet Tony, so if you want to bad mouth some one bad mouth the jerk who is to self centered to fess up. You people need to realise that reporters rarely get the full storey on anything, and what ever sounds dramatic enough is what is printed. I was personaly involved in this, so I know exactly what happened down to the details, and all the people who make assumptions about this poor kid and go out of their way to make things harder need to keep in mind he who is with out sin may cast the first stone. You should all be ashamed.
  • by Anonymous Location: Eaton Rapids, Michigan on Sep 4, 2010 at 05:01 PM
    Mr. Meoak was earlier convicted of shooting a goose in a public park - a park where families take their children. And please don't use the excuse of hunting - it definitely wasn't "goose hunting season" and even if it was, it's illegal to discharge weapons in a public park. The jerk claims that he didn't know that dog was there, even though it was on 23 ft. of chain and numerous people were honking at him to stop. I heard from a reliable source that it was his girlfriend's dog and they just had a fight, and he really did it to spite her. I hope if this is true that the girlfriend tells the truth in court, and that she's hopefully now an ex-girlfriend - who'd want to date that monster? Death threats are way out of line, but I do hope that he gets the strictest punishment allowed by law. Studies show that killers often start out by abusing animals first.... and I hate to think of all the pain that innocent dog suffered...
  • by Anonymous on Sep 3, 2010 at 07:53 AM
    If this jerk is getting death treats, he needs to contact the police. That is against the law, and the people will be punished. I agree this piece of junk needs to spend a long time in jail for what he did, but folks death treats means you could end up in jail. He's not worth it.
  • by Lee on Sep 3, 2010 at 07:46 AM
    I am over 65, and a dog lover, and weigh about 100 lbs. I walk with a cane. I would love to use my cane to knock some sense into this Do Nothing guy. Don't tell me that he didn't know the dog was attached to the vechicle! If he didn't there are DNA tests. I am sure who ever tied the rope left DNA on the rope, and fingerprints on the vechicle! So why isn't his attorney asking the MI State Police to run tests? The whole family needs to face facts, this kid is not what you expected him to be, stop feeling sorry for him and buying his lies. You need to practice Tough Love! Let him get himself out of his own problems. He doesn't seem to have any problem getting into them.
  • by amanda Location: charlotte mi on Sep 3, 2010 at 07:41 AM
    I completely agree he should be punished to a certain extent for neglett and not paying attention and im not fighting his battles im simpy standing up for blood im sure most of you would do the same hes a boy and hes made many mistakes but most kids do he needs counsling something of that sort to work threw his emotional issues hes going threw alot has been for a long time he needs help! and im sorry but as far as the whole geese thing goes yes he shouldve gotten into trouble because of where he was at and it is illegal but give me a break people hunt ducks geese and all kinds of animals that doesnt make them a freak or murder..and the cops found the girl who tied the dog to the truck i grew up in that town and ive seen first how certian people are treated differently and im sure people would be a bit more open to both sides if he didnt look they way he did..I feel very bad for that poor dog its a horrible thing what happend but its not worth rippen apart a trouble boys life
  • by Anonymous on Sep 3, 2010 at 04:54 AM
    Amanda: I am sorry that the family is mortified by what is going on. But the kid you grew up with seems to have grown a bit differently than you. He's a jerk. He dragged a dog with his truck. There are witnesses. Sorry but there is no excuse. As to his taking the blame for someone else. He has some really nice friends to allow him to do that. Personally I don't buy that story either. Every single time he gets into trouble it is always someone else fault. He did nothing wrong. He is an adult. He needs to take responsibility for his own actions. Stop trying to fight his battle. He did wrong, people saw him, stopped him. End of story. He did the crime.
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