Medical Pot Growers Targeted in Violent Home Invasions

By: Alyssa Fenske Email
By: Alyssa Fenske Email

DELHI TOWNSHIP (WILX)--Two home invasions in two days in Delhi Township. Police say the common denominator is pot, and that medical marijuana grow operations are being targeted in Holt.

Two suspects have been arrested for one of the robberies, but at least two more are still on the loose.

The victims of the Tuesday morning home invasion on Holt road are still pretty shook up.

"I thought it was somebody else. Two guys rushed in my house, put a pistol down my throat, and duck-taped me and my lady," said victim Daniel Faidley.

Tuesdays home invasion was the second violent theft in the Holt area in the two days. The first one occurred on Schoolcraft Road on Monday. Police have two suspects in custody for that one.

The other home invasion have two suspects as well. In both home invasions the suspects tied their victims up duck-tape, stole money and jewelry, and left with a stolen vehicle. Both homes were also sites of medical marijuana growing operations and police believe that's why they are being targeted.

"When you are involved in that type of activity this type of things are going to happen," said Lt. Eric Trojanowicz with Igham County Sheriff.

The suspects trashed the grow operations but didn't steal any of the plants or growing equipment.

"Its no different with medical marijuana, no different than anything else. If you make money and people see it they just cant resist wanting to go steal it," said Faidley

Police have yet to find the two that entered Faidley's home.

"They are armed and dangerous. They are still armed with a hand gun that we have not recovered," said Trojanowicz.

Police are looking for Faidley's stolen black Ford Expidition plate number -- CNN 7564. If you spot it, or have any tips on the suspects call the sheriff's department.
don't approach the suspects, they are considered armed and dangerous.

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  • by Fed up Location: Mason on May 13, 2013 at 11:51 AM
    None of you seem to have done your homework. Our state law makers can't seem to be able to put a law in place that everyone understands, yet you people go out on a public website and voice your versions of what you think the law might be. I would have to agree with "B" and Victim squared in that the people being violated should not be held responsible for those that think stealing is an option. Our police force need to stop focusing on these victims and start doing something to stop the criminals...
  • by REN Location: Lansing on May 12, 2013 at 09:26 AM
    "Its no different with medical marijuana, no different than anything else. If you make money and people see it they just cant resist wanting to go steal it, said Faidley" GET FREAKIN'REAL! MOST business people, far better off than Faidley, aren't targeted for robbery. That said, WHY are drug dealers elevated to the status of "legitimate business people"? It is not right for drug dealers to determine the quality, availability, or be responsible for the distribution of a MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION. DRUG DEARLERS, YOU SAY? YES!! Drug dealers. Who else had pot growing operations up and running before this comical law was passed? After all, most hortaculturists don't just start up pot growing opperations and get licenced overnight. To be fair, I don't want chemistry students or pill pushers producing Nexium, Lipitor, Valium, Viagra, or any other PRESCRIPTION drug. Leave it to the pros to produce the drugs to CALIBRATED STANDARDS, and distribute them through licenced pharmacies.
  • by David Location: Charlotte on May 9, 2013 at 01:25 PM
    To B of Lansing well lets see where do I start, ok just after this law went into affect all these dope shops started popping up all over the state. And when that happened citys scrambled to make sure that they didnt locate near schools. Because sure as I sitting here there was some person that wanted to set up shop close to a school. Then all you heard about is how vaghe the law was, then some nutt robed a dope shop in lansing. And if Im not mistaken there was also a shooting too, then you had pepol getting med cards that was not suppost to get them. And one of the big ones was when the State AG went to court to get these dope shops shut down. Lets see how about the lawsuit that was filed aginst walmart because someone wanted to smoke dope and go to work . And Im sure that there is more need I go on ?
  • by Bill Location: Mason on May 9, 2013 at 06:03 AM
    Anybody who answers a door 2:00am with your handgun stuffed in a corner, you deserve to be robbed. How in tarnation does someone with a home defense weapon, get it taken from them, when you have the opportunity to stick it in their face upon entry. If they come to my house with your stolen handgun, I will file charges against the previous owner for being STUCK-ON-STUPID!!!!!
  • by victim squared Location: Blackman Twp. on May 8, 2013 at 08:59 AM
    So Sheriff Trojanowicz, if your type of attitude is typical of law enforcement, and in my experience is certainly has been, you must also then believe that this is the type of activity that pharmacies, party stores and even churches should expect. After all, they have drugs, liquor and money, things that criminals desire. I know that our local police certainly didn't take our burglary serious, and now we have to worry that they will be back, and could harm us with the same gun they stole from us.
  • by B Location: Lansing on May 8, 2013 at 07:30 AM
    David. How is this program such a bad thing?? Where are these massive problems you refer to? The occasional robbery is the one and only negative I have observed whatsoever, and you can't blame that on the growers. Truth: Although I can't agree as the intruders are very much putting their lives on the line, that is an interesting hypothesis.
  • by Hannah18 Location: MI on May 7, 2013 at 05:43 PM
    Yeah what was happening in these homes 6 months prior? Its not the weed it's the idiots involved. Most home invasions the victim knows the suspect previously. Weed and money are just the target.
  • by David Location: Charlotte on May 7, 2013 at 04:55 PM
    When this law alowing pepol to use dope as a medacation was passed, I wrote a blog on this very station stating that this would be nothing but trouble. But there was ones that said that I didnt know what I was talking about and dised me. Well I wonder what pepol think now, from the day that this law was passed it has been a nitemare. And yet there are pepol that still advacate useing dope to med ones self nothing but a bunch of fools .
  • by Truth Location: Holt on May 7, 2013 at 03:34 PM
    The truth is that when a medical marijuana grower is doing everything right and is frustrating the local undercovers, they perform these face burglaries to verify their suspicions. Worst case scenario they out a medical grower and confirm they are on the up and up. The only people being targeted for growing are the ones the undercover pigs can't infiltrate. Tighten up your circles !
  • by B Location: Lansing on May 7, 2013 at 03:28 PM
    It's not "When you are involved in that type of activity this type of things are going to happen" That's an ignorant statement. You can't blame this on the people who are getting robbed. They're doing things by the book, according to the law set in place by the MI voters. Yes, there is an inherent risk that goes with the territory that one must be aware of & prepare for. But to insinuate that it's somehow their fault is foolish. Convenience stores, banks, etc get robbed all the time, nobody blames them. They have assets / merchandise, etc to steal, a thief is going to target them, pretty simple. ICSD has seemed to handle this case well so far. But as a whole, if law enforcement would take these types of crimes more seriously & actually catch these guys, instead of treating the victims like the suspects, it would help. Every one of these home invasions are just a breath away from a homicide.
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