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Kicking Trump supporters out of a bar is not a crime

Adidas launches Dad shoe

TONIGHT @ 6: Anatomy of an AR-15

UPDATE: Bill Cosby convicted on all 3 counts; lashes out after verdict

Humane Society seeks criminal charges in dog amputation case

Police: window blind cords blamed for child's death in Sheboygan

Senate doles out extra $18.6 million for school security

Report: Case of scarlet fever in Michigan elementary school

Parents sue North Korea over death of detainee Otto Warmbier

Marijuana legalization ballot drive is certified

Someone draws swastika on lost dog's head

Amanda Thomashow taking part in "Survivor and Ally Empowerment Day"

Using sheep to prevent wildfires

Police: Missing Kentucky teen left school, texted for help

Russia parades Syrian 'witnesses' to disprove gas attack

More than 70 countries commit to combat terror financing

Photographer hopes to raise awareness of river pollution

Woman wants to volunteer at every food bank in the U.S.

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