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The Nation's Weather
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Reporter: AP

Cooler and drier weather is expected in the East on Tuesday, while energy ejecting out of the Rockies moves into the Plains with unsettled weather conditions.
In the East, an upper trough of low pressure reaching across the eastern half of the nation will continue to usher colder air from the North into the Central and Eastern U.S. on Tuesday. This will translate into another day of below normal temperatures, with daytime highs in portions of the Upper Midwest expected to reach about 10 to 20 degrees shy of normal temperatures for this time of year. As cold northwesterly flow spreads across the region, light to moderate lake effect snow showers will remain possible in immediate downwind areas of the Upper and Lower Great Lakes. Outside of this area of precipitation, generally drier conditions are expected in the rest of the Eastern U.S. as the northern portion of a cold front impacting the region moves offshore into western Atlantic Ocean.
Meanwhile, behind this activity, waves of energy over the Central Great Basin will tap into moisture from the Gulf of Mexico while moving across the Rockies and into the Central and Southern Plains on Tuesday. This setup combined with a colder airmass over the region will enhance instability over these areas and lead to widely scattered light to moderate rain showers and thunderstorms from the Southern High Plains into the Lower Mississippi Valley. Areas of western and central Texas are at slight risk of severe weather development with threats of severe hail and damaging wind gusts.
Elsewhere, high pressure will provide drier and milder conditions to the West Coast States.
HIGHEST TEMPERATURE (DEGREES F)............91 Weslaco, Texas
HIGHEST HEAT INDEX (DEGREES F)....................89 Laredo, Texas
LOWEST TEMPERATURE (DEGREES F)...............-3 Minot Afb, N.D.
LOWEST WIND CHILL (DEGREES F)............-39 Wainwright, Alaska
HIGHEST WIND GUST (MPH)......................86 Mt. Washington, N.H.
HIGHEST PRECIPITATION (INCHES)..................0.92 Columbia, S.C.
On this date in 1975, the weather station atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire reported wind gusts of 140 mph as a strong storm moved across the northeastern portion of the country. New Hampshire and Maine reported up to three feet of snow and Boston, MA recorded its lowest April pressure on record at 28.68 inches.
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