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The Race Is On For Lansing's At-Large City Council Seats

Posted: 8:26 PM Aug 6, 2013
Reporter: Shannon Kantner

Two at-large city council seats are up for grabs this year, meaning four candidates move on to the general election.

They are incumbents Brian Jeffries, Kathie Dunbar, and challengers Judi Brown Clarke, and Ted O'Dell.

Clarke made a strong showing, nearly coming in second.

Jonathon smith and keith smith did not make the cut.

Dunbar told me she was nervous about this primary. She said candidates should run every race like they're behind, and not get lazy. She was still going door-to-door Tuesday, and has big plans moving forward.

"I go through two pairs of burkenstocks every election season, wear them down to the core," Dunbar said. "That's what we do, door-to-door, grassroots style, hand-to-hand, that's what we do."

Clarke echoed that as well. She called herself a competitor who's ready for her second wind.

"The challenge of not beating an incumbent is getting your name out and really getting people to connect and know who you are," Clarke said. "So, for me, it's about getting myself out there, and meeting people, and letting them know who I am as a candidate, and I think that will serve me very well."

Clarke said she really would have liked to finish in one of the top two spots, but she's happy to move on no matter what.

Ted O'Dell rounds out the four, and he'll also be campaigning hard until November. He plans to start fresh in the morning.
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