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GM Plant Investment to Bring 200 New Jobs to Area

Posted: 2:38 PM May 21, 2013
Reporter: Josh Sidorowicz

An empty parking lot on the site of General Motor's Grand River assembly plant will soon be transformed into a new state-of-the-art logistics center.

It's a $44.5 million investment that will bring roughly 200 new jobs into the area.

Lansing Regional Plant Manager Tony Francavilla said building the logistics center will help improve quality and efficiency at that plant.

"If you can imagine, we have roughly over 9,000 different parts you can use to build these vehicles," Francavilla said.

"That's a lot of choices that each individual has to make so this really helps us to focus on making sure we've got the right quality or the right parts going into every vehicle."

The addition of another 200 jobs to the Lansing area is something UAW Local 652 President Mike Green said he's thrilled about.

"It's great for Lansing, it's great for our state," Green said. "They're bringing back jobs in here like they said they would and we're happy to have them."

Mayor Virg Bernero said it's because of award-winning cars like the Cadillac ATS and the forthcoming CTS that GM continues to want to invest in Lansing.

"It's a good omen of things to come," Bernero said.

"Literally, the cars we make here are leading the GM fleet, that's part of what's so exciting, that's job security and that's security for our economy."

Construction could begin as early as this end of this summer and is anticipated to be completed by summer 2014.
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