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Snyder Signs Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency into Law

Posted: 7:17 PM Mar 27, 2013
Reporter: Associated Press

Gov. Rick Snyder has approved $3 million in funding for a new state agency with a mission of helping veterans collect what they are owed.
Michigan has the nation's 11th-highest population of veterans and ranks last in federal money spent per person on services provided through the U.S. Veterans Administration. Those services include medical treatment, pensions and employment assistance.
Legislation signed Wednesday funds the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, which Snyder created with an executive order in January. The agency launched March 20, the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war.
Snyder has named Jeff Barnes to head the agency. Barnes is Snyder's deputy director for strategy and served about 10 years in the Army, including tours in Korea, the Balkans and Iraq.
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