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DeWitt Township Police Officer Seriously Injured in Accident

Posted: 8:43 AM Dec 3, 2012
Reporter: News 10

A DeWitt Township police officer suffered serious internal injuries when his patrol vehicle went out of control and slammed into a utility pole and trees. It happened Monday at about 5 a.m. on West Herbison Road near Sand Hill Drive.

The officer's name isn't being released, but the department says he is 31-years-old and has been with the department for hour and a half years.

In a release issued by DeWitt Township Police Chief Brian Russell, the officer was said to be going to back up a Clinton County sheriff's deputy on a call involving a suicidal man armed with a knife.

The officer was pinned into his patrol car and a rescue team had to cut him from the wreckage.

Chief Russell says the Clinton County Accident Investigation team is investigating the accident.
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