Super Bowl Commercials

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Since the Detroit Lions aren't playing in Super Bowl 47, we're looking forward to the next crop of Super Bowl commercials that will be airing during the game, almost as much as the showdown on the field. Super Bowl commercials are a huge event for advertisers, with gametime advertising slots selling for millions of dollars each. These ten Super Bowl ads aired during their games, and became classics!

Hulu "Alec in Huluwood" 2009

Have you ever suspected that television rots your brain? According to this Hulu ad from the 2009 Super Bowl you were right. The entertainment industry is all part of a vast alien conspiracy, designed to turn our brains to delicious jelly that can be scooped up and eaten by Alec Baldwin, the alien narrator.

Doritos "Pug Attack" 2011

This Doritos commercial shows us a teachable moment. Teasing animals for fun, when it might hurt them, is a pretty mean, and doesn't pay. The guy in the commercial gets what he deserves, courtesy of a pug who really packs a punch.

Volkswagen "The Force" 2011

This fun commercial from the 2011 Super Bowl was an instant classic. This tiny be-robed figure has a big Darth Vader helmet, and wants powers to match it. His inability to use the Force really gets him down, until he gets some help from his dad, along with Volkswagen’s remote start feature!

Fed Ex "Caveman" 2006

This hopeless caveman is having a heck of a day isn't he? His package delivery goes very wrong, and when he gets back to the cave, his boss is not sympathetic. His indignant barks and grunts as he argues with his caveman boss will ring a bell with anyone who has ever gotten the shaft at work. The best part? His disgruntled expression as he stomps out of the cave. Spoiler Alert! The poor caveman doesn't get a happy ending. - "When I Grow Up" 1999

This ad was part of the 1999 Super Bowl, showing children referring to their lofty career goals, with a majestic chorus swelling triumphantly in the background. And what do these future movers and shakers want? “To claw my way up to middle management,” “To be forced into early retirement,” and “I want to file all day.” This clever commercial was the talk of office water coolers everywhere after it aired!

Coca-Cola "Mean Joe Green" 1980

This commercial from the 1980 Super Bowl, is considered by many to be the iconic Super Bowl ad. Its message is timeless. A bad day can be turned around by a simple gesture. Football star Mean Joe Green heads back to the locker room after a disappointing game, when a young star-struck fan stops him to talk. Mean Joe Green isn't exactly friendly to his biggest fan. The kid offers Joe his bottle of Coke, and Mean Joe Green chugs it down in one long gulp. As the boy sadly turns around and walks away, Joe thanks him, and tosses the kid his game jersey, delighting the boy, and leaving Joe in a much better mood.

"Terry Tate - Office Linebacker" 2003

Terry Tate - Office Linebacker. The title alone is hysterical. This Reebok commercial was the runaway hit, of the 2003 Super Bowl. Terry Tate’s role as the enforcer in a cubicle-filled office soon has his co-workers operating at peak efficiency. His screams,as he reminds people that their break was over ten minutes ago, or that you don’t take the last cup of coffee without refilling the pot, are equal parts amusing and terrifying.

Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like 2010

This commercial from the 2010 Super Bowl almost single-handedly revived the Old Spice brand. The Old Spice Guy, a.k.a. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” became an overnight star as a result of this commercial. His deep voice, dazzling smile, and manly physique combined with oddball humor have made this commercial a YouTube classic, with almost 45 million views and led a series of weirdly amusing Old Spice commercials.

Chrysler "Imported From Detroit" 2012

This critically acclaimed Chrysler commercial from the 2011 Super Bowl, holds a special place in our hearts as proud Michigan natives! Featuring economically devastated Detroit, Michigan, and its resurgence as the home of the American automobile industry; this ad makes a strong case for buying Detroit-made vehicles. The ad stars Detroit-native, Eminem, and features Detroit landmarks, like the Fox Theater, and the Renaissance Center.

Budweiser 911 Tribute - "Respect" 2002

This remarkable ad, from the 2002 Super Bowl aired only one time, but has never been forgotten.After the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our country, the Budweiser Clydesdales travel through the American countryside to New York City, where they bow down in tribute to the Statue of Liberty, and those souls lost in the disaster. Simple, quiet, and powerful, this commercial still sends chills up your spine.