Flood Damage Not Covered Under Homeowners Insurance

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Ionia was one of the places hit hardest by flooding.The fairgrounds is under water and some homes are also unspared. On Friday, homeowners were laying out sandbags and getting prepared mentally for the possible damages

"We're real concerned because everything in the basement we'll lose of course and when we leave we have to shut all the electricity off," said one homeowner.

The Insurance Institute of Michigan warns that homeowners insurance doesn't cover flood damage. The only way to get coverage is to buy the National Flood Insurance separately.

"They can get it through their agent but it's totally separate. It's important now with the rain we've had this Spring and the threat of tornadoes that people find out what they're covered for and what they're not," said Lori Conarton from IIM.

The cost of flood insurance varies depending on the type of home and where it is. The average cost can range from $500 to $1000 per year. It also takes 30 days for new or modified flood insurance policy to become effective.

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