Lansing Teen Stuck in Libya

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"When I talked to her two days ago, she's frantic, she's crying, 'I can't get out of the country."

That is Anne Snider's description of a phone call she got from her daughter, Noura Abdul Hamed, on Tuesday.

Abdul Hamed is a Libya, on an adventure to discover her roots. A recent high school grad, she went to meet her biological father for the first time. He is libyan by birth, and met her mom studying at LCC 20 years ago.

Abdul Hamed, who has dual citizenship, had traveled with him since she arrived at the end of August. To leave, she had to retrieve her Libyan passport. It had been taken for verification when she arrived. Snider says Noura told her they told she couldn't have it, and couldn't leave.

"I don't think she's being told the truth," Snider says.

She contacted Senator Carl Levin's office Wednesday. She'll call the consolate in Tripoli directly next. Levin's office says they will get involved is the state department and the consolate can't help.

"She's Christian, she's outspoken, raised American," Snider worries. Though American relations with Libya are mostly good right now, our history with it's president Moumar Gaddafi is not. Snider says she worried, but Noura's father assured her things would be okay.

"She wants to come home. She wants to come home right now," Snider says.

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