Aerospace Manufacturer Changing Course

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Eaton Aerospace's Argyle Plant, by now, should have been a shell of its former self. Large scale layoffs were planned nearly a year ago. Work was slated to move to other facilities.

On Friday afternoon, though, Brian Boyle's headed home to sleep. There is so much work, he's putting in overtime on Saturday.

"Both plants are hiring," he smiles.

Eaton Human Resources Manager Bobbi Johnson explains the company has had a significant uptick in customer orders. That coupled with natural attrition, put them below the workforce they needed. Both of Eaton's Jackson facilities are offering overtime and hiring temporary workers to keep up with the orders. The question now is what next.

"The timeline is still moving ahead as planned," Johnson says. "By first quarter 2008, we will have the 2 facilities consolidated."

While it is not the best case scenario for employees at the Argyle plant--the one that'll close--it is far better than expected last November when consolidation was announced. Some, if not all, employees at Argyle could get jobs at an expanded East Avenue plant. UAW Local 1966's transition team is negotiating transfers, with fingers crossed the upswing at Eaton is long term.

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