Family and Friends of Victims on Arrest of Serial Killer

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"Thank God it doesn't have to go on," Doug Redman says with a lump in his throat.

The wounds of grief are fresh for the Redman family--their sister Karen Yates' murder Wednesday the last straw, police believe, in a killing spree that took 5 women.

"I've been worried about it for 3 years because I've noticed the path she's been on, the people she's been around," Redman says of his 41-year-old sister.

Karen, her brother says, struggled for many years. The person murdered Wednesday is not the sister he holds in his mind's eye.

"Someone with the best of intentions," he says, through tears, "but she let other things overtake that. I'll always think of the real Karen, not the person she became."

The Redman family is asking for donations to help pay for her funeral. You can send checks to The Karen Redman Fund at 2404-D Aurelius Road; Holt, MI, 48842.

The arrest of her suspected killer is some justice, but not yet closure. Redman says he won't be truly relieved until he hears the words, "has been charged."

The feeling is the same on the westside at Harry's Place where GM retiree Sandy Eichorn was a fixture.

"She played her Keno, had her cocktails, enjoyed," manager Harea Bates says.

With the man they spent the week worrying over behind bars, they'll now make time to mourn. They'll close Friday morning for the funeral.

"She wouldn't hurt a fly. She didn't have a bad thing to say about anybody, and nobody had a bad thing to say about her," Bates says. "Shouldn't have happened to her."

Carol Wood, whose mother Ruth Hallman was the first of the five women killed connected to the man arrested, says she has mixed feelings. She wonders if she'll ever know why he did what police say he did to her mother.

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