Tornado Victims Find Amazing Things in Rubble

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"This is where we were," Sandy Jesse points to a bathroom in the otherwise destroyed house on Vermontville Highway.

It's where she rode out the storm with her three grandkids Friday night and it's just about all that's standing.

Their stuff is strewn all over their yard and their neighbors. They found coins in the garden at the back edge of the lawn. Their memories have been recovered in pieces.

"This is my mom here," Jesse says as she points to pictures her son found as he sifted through the rubble Monday. "I was just so thrilled to get that back, you don't even know," she says.

Then, as friends help move the front wall of the house, they find the one thing Sandy Jesse's been looking for--her Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Lawn Ornaments. They are cheeky, yes, but sentimental. "We would rather have this than the siding!" one woman yells as the men pull them out, one by one. They were Sandy Jesse's moms and she inherited them when she died just a few years ago.

"It was part of my mom," she says with tears in her eyes,"and I'm glad to have 'em."

Carol Charles, a neighbor, says someone found her parents mail in Windsor Township, at Don's Windmill truck stop. They found canceled checks near M-100. "It's amazing," she says.

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