WILX Commenting - House Rules

Commenting - House Rules

WILX.com encourages users to suggest removal of comments that violate any of the house rules:

  1. Keep it clean - This is a public forum, open to civilized people who do not appreciate obscene, vulgar or sexually-oriented language, no matter how creatively spelled.

  2. Keep it civil - Don't defame, threaten, abuse or invade the privacy of other readers or the subjects of stories. No racism, sexism or any other sort of -ism that degrades another person will be tolerated.

  3. Keep it truthful and legal - Don't lie, impersonate another individual or post comments that advocate illegal activity.

  4. Keep on topic - Stay focused on the subject at hand. Do not post advertisements or solicitations for funds, goods, or services.

  5. Be responsible - Comments are the sole responsibility of those who post them.

  6. Share your knowledge - Give us your eyewitness accounts, background and observations. If you see a factual error in a story or think there are issues we should follow up on, please e-mail the WILX News Director.

  7. Exercise your authority - Police these comments and suggest removal of those that violate the house rules.

  8. And remember - Rules violators may be permanently banned from commenting.

Questions about commenting or other inquiries about this site may be sent to: WILX News Director