Burn Bans in Effect

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"It is just tinder dry out there," Delta Township Fire Chief Victor Hilbert says, describing a grass fire that caught near Interstate 96 Tuesday afternoon.

The median is charged at the Saginaw Highway interchange after a fast moving fire caused by a semi that accidentally hooked the telephone lines above the road.

"IIt sent some kind of spark into the field, and set the field on fire," Hilbert says.

The township's fire department is less than a block away, and it was contained quickly, but it's not the first, and Hilbert is considering a burn ban because of it.

He'd be following in the footsteps of Eaton Rapids Township, and much of Lenawee County. They've banned burning at MIS campgrounds, in particular, on this race weekend.

The DeWitt area has cancelled burn permits for the time as proactive step. Their fire marshall Walt Grysen compares this summer to a drought in 1988. That year, there was a burn ban statewide.

"It's not to that point yet, but if we don't get any rain in the next couple of week, we could be at that point," Grysen says.

Both Grysen and Hilbert warn a cigarette thrown from a car, or embers from a campfire could cause real damage given how long we've gone without rain. With or without a burn ban in your area, they say be careful with anything that could catch.

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