Local Man Is Director on Simpsons Movie

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One of the little known benefits of working on an animated movie is your star really can't do the promoting, so suddenly, a guy who likes to draw becomes a celebrity who can draw a crowd.

"We wanted to get his autograph," 11-year-old Austin Beamish says of Rob Oliver, an Owosso native who is an animation director on the much-anticipated Simpsons movie, out Friday, July 27th. Oliver signed autographs and drew pictures of the familiar characters at the Shiawassee Arts Center Friday afternoon.

"I love coming back to town and the area, Oliver says, "We try to ask much as I can."

Rob Oliver's been drawing in Owosso since as long as anyone can remember. "I always knew I wanted in art but i didn't know what I could do in art."

Almost straight out of high school he scored an animator job with the Simspson and 12 years, and several promotions later, he worked on the movie Simpsons fans call 18 years in the making.

He's credited as an additional sequence director.

'It is quite thrilling to see my name up there. When my wife saw it with me at the yellow carpet premiere, her eyes filled with tears," Oliver says.

He says the response from fans here in Owosso is a trip. And the movie?

"It is the show to the nth degree."

He calls it worth the wait, and equal to the hype. He's anxious to see the audience reaction in a theater in the town where he was born and raised.

Oliver signed autographs at the Owosso Theater's 8:15 pm showing of the Simpsons movie Friday night. He'll do the same on Saturday at 8:15. He will also be at the Book Mark in Owosso signing books he co-authoring Saturday from 12-4 pm.

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