Lansing Scores Bowling Tourney

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If you've ever doubted the economic impact of a $3 game of bowling and a two dollar pop, let the expectations for 2009's state tournament bowl that right over.

"It's probably the largest sporting event in our state, and it's incredible for our community," explains Mike Price, manager of the Greater Lansing Sports Authority, who helped secure the tournament for the region for the first time in 15 years. He can only quanitify the economic impact with one word: Big!

"We are going to have approximately 800 to 1000 people in here every weekend," Paul Kwiecien, who owns and manages Royal Scot bowling alley, says of the tournament. "It's definately gonna help us pay the bills."

Pro Bowl will also host part of the tournament.

Kwiecien himself has been for 27 years. "They like to have a few beverages, a few nice meals, go shopping and buy some things," he says of the fellow bowlers, "so we're gonna spread the wealth around."

The bowling tournament was last held in mid-Michigan in 2009.
Bowlers will be in Lansing every weekend from January through May.

While bowling's the big fish, tournament time is big business for mid-Michigan. The U-11 world series in East Lansing this week is the first of four events the Greater Lansing Sports Authority brought in this week and next. The Colt Zone Baseball Tournament will be Thursday, July 26 in Grand Ledge. The Midwest Youth Basketball Association Summer Showcase will be Saturday, July 28 at Aim High. The Oakland A&W U-8 Baseball Tournament will be at John Smoltz Field in Lansing Friday, July 27.

All will bring in athletes to spend, and compete, in mid-Michigan.

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