No Rain, and None in Sight

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"We had a quick cool wind blow through and then it was over with," John Coy says of the storms that came through on Thursday afternoon. "Not even a sprinkle."

The fields where three generations of Coys have grown hay, wheat, corn, and soybeans could use a long, strong rainfall.

"We've only had 3/10 of an inch for the whole month of June," he says.

The MSU Extension office has heard that same sob story from farmers all over the area--especially corn growers.

"You see a lot of leaves in the lower section of the plant dying," Dan Hudson, MSU Extention Educator for Ingham County, says.

The drought's been spotty, but with a crop as demanding as corn can be, timing is key.

"Corn has a critical window in pollination," Hudson says.

Coy's felt the loss already in his hay crop, down 1150 bales from last year, or aobut half.

His corn is now at the mercy of the moisture, which is not expected for as many as 10 days.

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