Many Businesses Pleased with New Tax; Chamber Opposed

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You pay money if you make money--that's the provision of the new Michigan business tax that has small businesses excited.

"We think it's positive, " Small Business Association VP of Government Policy Todd Anderson says. He admits it's not perfect, but that so-called profits tax is good enough to compromise on.

"We're not confidant if it went back to the table, we'd get the same deal," Anderson says.

Manufacturers are in the same boat--pleased with credits and incentives the Michigan Manufacturers Association says could truly grow industry.

"I think it's definately gonna retain manufacturers," Chuck Hadden says, "and I think it's gonna start attracting people because I don't know another state with an R&D credit, and compensation credit, and an investment credit."

It's the overarching organization--the Michigan Chamber of Commerce--that isn't so sure.

They're suspicious the new tax is actually bigger than the one it's replacing and more importantly, their tax policy expert says, that it's been rushed so badly it may be badly written.

"The Michigan Chamber members were given 45 hours to look over the bill and to comment," Tricia Kinley says, explaining they found 35 serious problems that they believe could amount to backdoor taxes.

The governor's support means the tax will become law.

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