Cox Posting Sex Offenders Kicked Off MySpace

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A specially designed computer program helped MySpace use state sex offender registries to comb through company files.

200 Michiganders with both sex-related convictions and pages on the popular social networking website were discovered.

MySpace removed the pages, and then they shared the names with Attorney General Mike Cox.

The state has made that list of now-banned sex offenders available online--names and their old usernames too. Some are suggestive like "felonious_thoughts" and "boyheartboy." The link can be found below.

"We went through one by one," AG spokesperson Matt Frendewey says, " and found 28 on parole or on probation."

The AGs office will pursue legal action against 4 of the 200. Each were using the internet in violation of the terms of their parole.

"At the end of the day, if your parole officer says you can't use the computer, you can't be on the internet, and you have a MySpace profile, we're gonna bring down the heavy arm of the law," Frendewey says.

The AG sees a public list as a teachable moment.

"Today should serve as a reminder to parents to continue to monitor the activities of their children on the Internet," Cox wrote in a press release.

Though the 200 men and woman are now forbidden by MySpace, there are almost certainly others who didn't turn up in the company's search.

"There are other predators who lie about their names, about their identities," Frendewey agrees.

This list, the AG is hopeful, is yet another warning about a world wide web too big to be policed by the state.,1607,7-164-34739-170808--,00.html

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