How to Beat the Cold?

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We've all been there, sick with a cold. The question is, how do you best get through it?

There are dozens of treatments or medications people recommend, from chicken soup, to over the counter medications, to extra vitamins. However, not all are doctor recommended.

For example, Sparrow-MSU family health Dr. Randolph Pearson says extra vitamins can be a waste of money, "Some say you should take extra Vitamin C, but there's no evidence that really is helpful. Getting your daily requirements is."

Pearson says studies show even the popular mineral zinc doesn't prevent or stop a cold. It just gives short term relief from symptoms. As for the most important thing to get you healthy quick, you don't buy it at a pharmacy. Dr. Pearson says, "Hydration is key. You actually get dehydrated when you have a cold from the fever, coughing, and sneezing."

And that's where the chicken soup comes in. Soup is great when you have a cold, giving you the hydration and nutrition you need to fight it.

Doctors say most of the time your body will take care of your cold on its own, but if it doesn't after ten days see a doctor.