Thousands Still Waiting for Unemployment Checks

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Getting your unemployment benefits isn't always the easiest process.

"It's hard to get through on the phones, sometimes the money isn't right, you've got to wait, you don't get paid on time," Kevin Mosher, who's been unemployed for seven months, said.

"They told me they might have to decline my check then reapply which could take another six weeks," Colin Spry, unemployed for about a month, said.

But everyone we talked to agreed -- it beats not getting anything at all --as the 51,000 people still waiting on this week's check can attest to.

"People who called in Monday to Marvin said we would get paid the next day and we didn't," Kirk Brater said.

Brater said he counts on that $260 per week and is still in the dark as to what happened.

"We've been trying to get in touch with them on the Internet and the phone and there are no messages," he said.

Blame it on a computer glitch, said Susan Corbin of the Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic growth.

"We are very apologetic as soon as we knew there was a problem, we had people on it," Corbin said.

Every time there's a problem in the state of Michigan, they blame it on a computer glitch," Brater said.

There are roughly 500,000 people collecting unemployment in Michigan and the state says even with so many people in the system, the problems have been few and far between.

"While we're working with an old system, we are doing our best and trying to beef up whatever we can," Corbin said.

This problem is a one-time thing Corbin said -- those who rely on these checks from week to week sure hope so.

***Those who get direct deposit should have their money by Friday. Those with those debit cards should get their money by Thursday evening, and for everyone else -- the check's in the mail.

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