Turning to Psychics

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Candles and cards, call them the tools of the trade for a psychic astrologist.

"The way I do psychic work is; it's like somebody runs a movie in my head," Lynne Crandall said.

And while some may doubt the profession, Lynne Crandall -- a twenty-year veteran --- said more and more people are willing to believe and business is booming during these tough economic times.

"There has been more of, you know, my husband lost his job or my husband was laid off, what do we do?"

What was once the her staple --- love and relationship advice --- has taken a bit of a backseat to questions of personal financial futures.

"I don't say what to do with your money," she said. "I tell you these are the trends, this is what your chart says of how you can invest successfully."

Crandall said even the biggest skeptics are turning to the proverbial crystal ball because she said the fall of the financial markets shows nothing's set in stone.

"All the people that others took as credible, like Wall Street, I just think the credibility factor is lost there," she said.

Crandall said her track record speaks for itself.

Crandall said unfortunately, there won't be much to laugh about in Michigan for quite awhile.

"There's not going to be as much room for play for awhile," Crandall said. "This is going to be a 15-year cycle."

And while no one knows exactly what the future holds, it's comforting to some Crandall said to get sneak peak.

**Stores like the Triple Goddess in Okemos said sales are holding steady as well. They say people are looking for comfort during these times.

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