Biggest Drug Case in Lansing History Wraps

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"This is the successful conclusion of the Alex Humphry drug investigation," FBI Special Agent Andy Arena said Wednesday.

The case started with the murder of Alex Humphry on May 9, 2002 and concluded with the biggest drug bust in Lansing's history.

"We got a search warrant for his home and found multiple kilos of cocaine and hundreds of pounds of marijuana," Lansing Police Captain Theresa Szymanski said.

Multiple agencies were involved including the FBI and the US Attorney's office.

"This organization operated out of the Lansing from 1999 to 2002 and concluded with Humphry's murder," Arena said.

When police searched Humphry's home, they found 20 kilos of cocaine, 40 pounds of marijuana, 12 guns and $37,000.

But investigators said the operation was much bigger. They believe more than $200,000 was removed from the home before they arrived and know of at least one shipment of 50 kilos of cocaine from Texas.

They name Humphry's as the head of the operation and the lone distributor in Lansing.

"We know they had a connection in Mexico, but that's as far as we go," US Attorney Charles Gross said.

Twenty-eight convictions resulted from the investigation. The last two were sentenced last month.

"When you convict 28 individuals in this kind of case," Gross said. "It's quite a group."

But one last arrest hasn't been made yet.

"The murder of Alex Humphry remains unsolved," Szymanski said.

But investigators said that doesn't diminish today's announcement.

"This is quite an accomplishment," Gross said. "This is a major achievement."

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