Web Channel Advertisement Opportunities

Top of Page

Located at very top of the page, above all other content. Spans the width
of the website. Available ROS or section specific.

Full Wide

Located below station header and navigation, but above all columns of
content.  Spans the width of the website. Available ROS or section

Banner Ad:

Usually set to 468x60 in size. Located in the center of the page, can be
placed above or below fold. Multiple banner locations are available per

Super Cube:

Located in right column of the page. A portion of the Super Cube will
always appear above the fold.


Located in the left column of the page. The ad shape is much longer than
it is wide. Some pages will find a portion of the ad to be above the fold.
Other pages will showcase this ad below the fold.

Mid-Story Ad:

Located inside a news story.  This ad will always be placed aligned
right at the start of the third paragraph in the story.  The graphic
will always be tagged with an "Advertisement" heading to not
confuse our viewers with any graphics associated with the story in which
they are reading. 


A 728x90 sized image, which is available on all sections. Located at the
bottom of the page and centered between all columns.

Radar Pop Up:

Any Radar and/or Sky Cam on our site which pop open for larger or animated
viewing, hold a banner ad opportunity at the top of the pop up window.

Video Pre-Roll:

Place a 10 second pre-roll video before any of our News, Sports and/or
Weather Clips.  Ask about our category exclusive opportunities.


Our automatic electronic newsletter goes out daily with top news, weather
and sports stories right to your email in box.  Email alerts are also
sent out when news and/or weather are breaking in your area. Sponsorship
opportunity included a large image on top which spans the width of the
page. Then three half-sized banners above the headings of News, Sports and