Pin-Up Pole Dancing

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Pole dancing is moving from the clubs to the classroom.
22 year old Megan Dolby is the owner of of Pin-up Pole Dancing in East Lansing.
The studio opened its doors to the public last month and already Dolby is teaching classes 5 days a week.
Every inch of the MSU student looks like it belongs to professional dancer, but dolby has never performed in a strip club.
Its easy when you first walk in the studio to be intimidated by Dolbys slender 5 foot 10 frame, but she insists you dont have to be built like her to be good at pole dancing.
Pin-up Pole Dancing is just one example of a growing national trend.
What were once fringe activities are now drawing everyone from soccer moms to young professionals looking for a fun way to stay in shape.
After just one session at Pin-up Pole Dancing you may not look like a professional but you'll feel the progress.
Students in her class say muscles all over their body are sore the day after class.
Its Dolbys hands on teaching style and constant encouragement from classmates that makes this an easy environment to throw your self up there and give it a whirl.
Megan offer her beginner class 3 days a week right now. You can reach her at 248-705-4242 for more information.

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