Perrien To Stand Trial

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The second day in the preliminary examination for Christopher Perrien, the man accused in the September 2011 murders of Michael and Terri Greene, felt like a trial more than just a preliminary exam.

On Tuesday, the prosecution brought out its strongest evidence in linking Perrien to the September murders. Michael and Terri Greene were found dead in their home in Eaton County.

"I also identified the four fired bullet jackets to the barrel of item 37H," Sgt. Jeffrey Amley said, describing his work inspecting the bullets and gun.

Item 37H is the gun that, according to testimony in the first day of the preliminary exam, was found at the storage unit Perrien's girlfriend rented. According to police, Parrien visited that storage unit the day of the murders.

"Stop near this area which would be four o'clock and then about 44 minutes later the breadcrumbs begin to move around the complex," Det. Jeff Fellows said.

Detective Fellows took time to describe in detail the evidence police have against Perrien, including breadcrumbs, or pins dropped on a map by a GPS unit, the same unit found inside Perrien's car. Testimony on Tuesday explained those pins and how they were found near the storage unit and the Greene's home.

"The house in the middle is where the crime occurred," Det. Fellow said, describing the GPS map. "This is on 9/21, there are two points."

Perrien sat quietly as his attorney did everything possible to poke holes in the credibility of the detectives who took the stand, but it wasn't enough and Judge Hoffman ruled there is enough evidence to send Perrien to trial.

A date has not been set for Perrien's trial.

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