Two Groping Incidents at MSU

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An attack on Tuesday brought the issue to light. A young woman called police are being approached from behind and fondled on Shaw Avenue by the Eli Broad School for Business building just after 11 p.m.

She fought back and got loose in order to run away.

A student who saw that investigation in progress stopped with the other report. She told cops a man with a beard tried to pull her jogging pants off while she was walked the river trail near Jenison Fieldhouse late Sunday. She also fought back and ran away.

"Both of these individuals were alone at the time," says Sgt. Florene McGlothian-Taylor, MSU police spokesperson.

Both women escaped without injuries, but don't know the attackers.

The Sunday night suspect was described as 6'1'' and muscular, with an unkempt beard, and a tattoo on his right arm starting at his wrist. He was wearing jeans and a dark-colored short sleeve shirt. He was with two other men on the river trail.

The other suspect is only described as about 6 feet tall in dark clothes.

Sgt. McGlothian-Taylor says they may or may not be the same person.

"We don't have a lot," she says, which is why they are asking the public to call 355-2222 with any information.

Most girls on campus told us they're on alert for this kind of danger whenever they're out at night.

"I'm always nervous about what's going on," senior Melissa Boger said.

A few, like master's student Anna Medrano, were surprised. "I thought it was safe to walk on campus."

Police warn the women attacked were distracted--one was just finished making a call, the other using an iPod. The suggestion--travel alert and in groups.

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