Fire ban protecting local firefighters

Experts identify dead humpback whale found on L.A. beach

Several Mid-Michigan communities issue fireworks ban

Scrap metal recycling facility goes up in flames

Common Ground music festival begins setup

Enforcing fireworks ban won't be easy

Orangutan escapes enclosure at Busch Garden Tampa

Crews in Upper Peninsula dealing with wildfires

Four children fatally stabbed in Memphis; mother in custody

General Mills expands flour recall after E. coli outbreak

CDC says murky waters might have protected amoeba that killed a teenager

Court blocks law that banned payroll deductions for unions

MSP to assist with security at Republican National Convention

Water pollution still a major concern for Olympics athletes

Governor Snyder signs bill repealing inadvertent tax break for auto insurance companies

Judge: Special prosecutor to investigate Chicago officers

Scientists discover "first fingerprints of healing" of the Ozone Layer

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