WATCH LIVE - 2016 Presidential Debate: Trump and Clinton

Viewers react to presidential debate

Updates from the 1st presidential debate

Coast Guard searches for Cuban migrants from capsized boat

Skipping debate preparations could hurt candidates

Family of bombing suspect speaks with his doctors

NYPD officer charged in shooting of unarmed driver

Judge orders girls' bathroom access for transgender student

Civil liberties organization representing bombing suspect

New car mileage estimates drop as EPA changes test formula

Michigan, 31 states to split $20M for body cameras

Lansing Housing Commission separating from Steven Dunnings firm

Student shot in Jackson expected to survive

Clinton Campaign Keeping Pressure Up in Michigan

UPDATE: Suspect in mall shooting charged with murder

Got kidney stones? Ride a roller coaster

Police asking for help finding two men in breaking-and-entering investigation

Forever with Fido: NY to allow people to be buried with pets

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