Zoo Removes Whispering Giant Statue

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Potter Park Zoo has removed its Whispering Giant statue because of damage due to its aging.
The 29-foot-tall statue was installed in 1975, and was repaired in 2005 because the wood was rotting.
Zoo officials said it needed to be removed this year, deeming its continued aging that was no longer preventable.
The statue was part of the Trail of the Whispering Giants collection, which placed at least one statue in each of the 50 states.
They were made by artist Peter Toth, who was born in Hungary.
Each of his statues were designed as a composite of the physical characteristics, stories and histories of the local Native American tribes.
Potter Park Zoo is asking people to send photos and memories of their experience with the statue to Potter Park Zoo photos through the end of the year.
These may be used used in a collage that will be installed at the zoo next spring in appreciation for Toth's statue.