Youth and Violent Crime a Growing Concern

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Teenagers getting involved in crime is a growing concern for community leaders in and around Lansing. The number of juvenile delinquency petitions is up 48 percent in the last two years.

"Whenever you get a spike like this, and this is a rather significant spike -- you're hoping it's just a spike and not the beginning of a new trend," said Stuart Dunnings, the Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney.

Dunnings said, not included in those numbers are the youth those crimes are so violent, they are prosecuted as adults.

"And if nothing gets done, it's just going to gradually get worse and escalate," said Donald Greydanus, a of Pediatrics at MSU.

"Most of our shootings that we have here in the City of Lansing has to do about being disrespected-- settling a score," said Chief Mike Yankowski of the Lansing Police Department. "It's things that are really senseless."

The youth getting involved in crime, are from all backgrounds, both rich and poor.

"It goes from the families where they are very wealthy and the parents do not want to give enough of their time in raising the children--and want to buy their kids sort-of-speak, to the families where the father is nowhere to be found and the mother has either a drinking or drug problem," said Judge George Economy of the Ingham County Probate Court.

Coming up tonight at 6 p.m. on WILX, why the sudden increase in crime, who is to blame, and how you can help reduce crime in the city.

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