You Could be Entitled to Cash from Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement

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A class action lawsuit requires the company in question to notify anyone who could've been affected.

Now, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has sent postcards to anyone who received care at certain hospitals in Michigan from 2006 through June of this year.

Attorney Stephen Sinas says whether you want to be a part of the settlement or not, you have to do something about it. "A class member can decide to file an exclusion to exclude themselves from the settlement that has to be filed by no later than September 24th 2014," he said.

Otherwise, you're opting into the settlement. That requires you to submit a claim form by November 16th. Those who opt in should get some money, but it may not be a lot.

"It can be anywhere up to about 40 dollars or the max is 3.5% of their out of pocket cost at an acute care facility over the time period of 2006 to June of 2014," Sinas explained.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is pleased with the decision. A spokesperson told us, "This settlement, the parties agree, is an amicable resolution reached before the court or the jury had decided the merits of either party's legal position."

"In settling the case, Blue Cross has not admitted any wrong doing. Whenever there's a settlement, parties can infer that maybe both parties are compromising to a certain extent," Sinas said.

The company has agreed to pay nearly thirty million dollars to a settlement fund.

But, Sinas said there is no way to know if the payments will actually match the amount paid out to individual customers.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with the money Blue Cross is giving back, must exclude themselves from the settlement. They have the option to pursue their own legal action.

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