Would You Buy Drinkable Sunscreen?

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Applying sunscreen directly to your skin...may be a thing of the past.

One company is claiming they have invented the first drinkable sunscreen.

It is promised to "assist with sun exposure" by neutralizing UVA and UVB radiation.

But, it might be a while before the 100 milliliter clear liquid is on any store shelves.

The product is not FDA approved or scientifically tested, and there is a lot of fine print.

The fine print says avoid eating a meal before drinking the liquid and don't exercise or the product may not work correctly.

"They would say that you need to take 2 drops of water an hour before you go out and then re-take those drops every 90 minutes to every 3 hours when you're out in the sun," says Dermatologist Jayshri Gamoth.

But, science has yet to prove if drinking the liquid is actually effective.

"There is not a scientific method," says Gamoth. "So until the FDA approves it, until we have scientific data it's hard for me to say yes they cracked the code at this time with the info we have...probably not."

The drinkable sunscreen is created by a company called "Harmonized Water."

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