A New Team Celebrates the World Cup

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Beers bubbled and eyes were glued to the TV screen Thursday watching the U.S. lose to Germany in their third World Cup game.

But in a small bar in East Lansing, the Lansing United Soccer Team is watching even more closely.

It's the team's first year, and coach Eric Rudland gathered the players together to watch the world wide pros show them how it's done.

"It's just a great opportunity for the guys to hang out," Rudland said. "They get to know each other a little bit better and create moire of a bond between each guy on the team."

Owner Jeremy Sampson waited to start the team until World Cup season, when he says people jump on the soccer fan bandwagon. And he wants to keep them there.

"In the first year here, in our vision we talk about growing in the game of soccer here locally," Sampson said.

And even though Team U.S.A. lost, Sampson hopes the World Cup high will help lead Lansing United to the playoffs.