City Searches for Source of Grand River Oil Spill, Clean Up Continues

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"We both got headaches...standing by the river and just smelling the fumes"

Julie Powers, executive director of the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council, spent hours at Turner park late Thursday night and early Friday morning breathing in the smell of gasoline and motor oil from the grand river.

The spill was reported Thursday afternoon. City workers say it's extremely difficult to tell how much spilled into the river, or where it came from.

"The problem that we've got here is that this seems to be a regular occurrence," Powers said. "And maybe it's completely coincidence that it seems to happen on a monthly basis."

Powers says this is the fourth time in the past year she's seen an oil spill in the Grand River. She thinks it may be because of illegal dumping, and she wants to know who's responsible.

Chad Gamble, Lansing Public Service Department Director, says this is nothing new. But because the oil spreads so quickly, it's difficult to find the source.

"We're very active and take this very seriously," Gamble said. "And if we can't find the source, we do get some intelligence on it. We will make sure that we file that and use that in the future .

Gamble says he will keep investigating until he finds the source.

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