Woman Testifies Against MSU Student Charged with Assault, Stalking

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One day in court wasn't enough to determine if the MSU student who lied about being attacked will go on trial.

20-year-old Brandon Carmack was in an East Lansing courtroom Wednesday for his preliminary hearing on charges of assault and battery, domestic assault and battery, stalking and filing a false police report.

His ex-girlfriend testified Carmack showed up at party she was at on the night of August 27, demanding to see her. "He was very frantic... very angry...very emotional.. he was very intoxicated... dripping in sweat." The woman continued, saying "he (Carmack) grabbed me by the neck, like a choke hold... I immediately pulled away from that and began walking back toward the house. In that process he hit me in the chest, so then I ran inside the house."

The woman told the judge she left the house through a side door. As she was leaving, she saw Carmack being restrained by others at the party. Several MSU hockey players also took the stand Wednesday, backing up the woman's story. At least one of them testified they hit Carmack in self-defense.

The hearing was adjourned and is expected to continue in a couple weeks.

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