Woman Kidnapped, then Assaulted for 2 Days

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JACKSON - A woman says she is terrorized and raped for two days in Jackson; now a man from Detroit is charged with kidnapping, assault and more. The Jackson County Prosecutor's office charged 37-year old Tyree Cleary with 7 felonies. The prosecutor says at some time after midnight early Thursday morning, Cleary broke into a home while carrying a gun and kidnapped a 24-year-old woman. Other people were in the home at the time, according to police.

Police say it was not until Friday morning, that friends of the woman called police to report her as missing. Police were able to determine who the suspect was and contacted him by phone. Jackson Police Deputy Chief John Holda says the man told them the woman was okay, and made an arrangement that she would be a certain location at a certain time.

Police did find her at the predetermined location. She told police she was physically and sexually assaulted. She was taken to the hospital. Police say there was evidence of physical violence.

Police were able to determine the suspect was located at a residence on Warwick Court in Jackson. He was arrested Friday night. Police say they recovered a gun during the course of the arrest.

Tyree Cleary is charged with kidnapping, 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, torture, possession of a firearm by felon, assault with a dangerous weapon, and felony firearm.

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