Woman Accused of Shooting at Snow Plow Driver

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LANSING TOWNSHIP - A private snow plow truck driver is shot at while on the job, and police say it was the homeowner, whose driveway he was plowing, who took a shot at him. Sheila Vice Fandrick, 61, has been charged with felonious assault with a weapon. The man was plowing snow at the home in the 700 block of Dryer Farm Road in Lansing Township shortly before midnight on Friday. He tells police he had begun to plow the snow when Fandrick fired a shot at him and his vehicle from inside her home. The shot broke a window and lodged in the back of the seat on the passenger side. He was not hurt.

The police were called, and attempted to contact the homeowner by telephone and tell her to come out. She did not respond. The Michigan State Police Emergency Services Team was brought in. Fandrick eventually came out without incident and was arrested. A hand gun was recovered. Lansing Township Police did not speculate on why they believe Fandrick fired on the plow driver.

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