Witnesses Detail Fatal Shootings Of Rite Aid Pharmacist, East Lansing Man

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Police say an East Lansing man openly told them he shot his neighbor and a Rite Aid pharmacist in early May. On Friday a judge decided there is enough evidence for him to go to trial.

Witnesses took the stand at a preliminary examination, giving details of the fatal shootings on May 12.

Employees at the Frandor Rite Aid in Lansing say 34-year-old Ricard Taylor first came to the store to buy eye drops. Brian Czerwinski who works at the Rite Aid says Taylor had some unusual questions about side effects. Czerwinski got a pharmacist, 35-year-old Michael Addo.

"He [Taylor] had a conversation with Michael in regards to some types of side effects such as his eyes bleeding, his eyes falling out, and dying from taking the eye drops," Czerwinski said.

Czerwinski says he tried ringing Taylor up for the eye drops, but the credit card he used came back 'invalid.' Czerwinski says he suspended the purchase so Taylor could come back and pay for them.

Taylor later told Lansing Police Detective Brad St. Aubin he did not like the answers Addo gave him, so he went home for his gun.

"'He said 'Yea he rubbed me the wrong way.' And I said 'So you went back to shoot him?' And he goes 'Yea I went back there to shoot him,'" St. Aubin explained.

When he came back to the store Czerwinski says Taylor asked for Addo, saying he was a doctor. Addo met Taylor in an exam room off the main pharmacy. Minutes later Czerwinski heard gun fire and Addo screaming.

Czerwinski says he saw Taylor leaving the Rite Aid, but he didn't seem to be in a hurry.

"He kind of like made a smiling face gesture towards us and he didn't run, he was just walking out of the store," Czerwinski said.

Less than ten minutes later police say Taylor shot his 27-year-old neighbor Jordan Rogers at his East Lansing home. Taylor told detectives he wanted to settle a fight with Rogers from the night before.

Police say Taylor shot Rogers multiple times in the head and chest.

Taylor was found competent to stand trial but his attorney Keith Watson says it has not been determined if can be held criminally responsible.

Taylor is charged with seven counts including two of open murder and some related to carrying a concealed weapon. His attorney is expected to use a temporary insanity defense. If convicted Taylor could face up to life in prison.

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