With Rogers Out, Land Now Sole GOP Senate Candidate

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In an email to his constituents Friday Rep. Mike Rogers (R) ended the speculation of many and the hopes of some that he'd run for U.S. Senate in 2014.

He would've been running to fill the seat held by Sen. Carl Levin (D) since 1979 who is retiring at the end of his term.

In his statement Rogers said it was decision that came only after a long careful deliberation.

"I have determined that the best way for me to continue to have a direct impact for my constituents and the nation is to remain in the House of Representatives," Rogers said.

Rogers, who has been making the rounds on national television in recent weeks in his current role as the chairman for the House Intelligence Committee, now leaves former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land as the only Republican officially in the race.

Gary Peters appears to be the only likely democratic candidate running for the seat.

Bill Ballenger of "Inside Michigan Politics" said he wasn't surprised by Rogers' decision.

"With Terri Lynn Land already in the race I think it made sense he decided not to run," Ballenger said.

"He's got too much at stake in his own career... and I think it would've been a big gamble for him to give up that seat."

However, Epic-MRA pollster Bernie Porn said Land's name recognition and background might not be enough to propel her to a solid nomination win.

"People do not necessarily perceive the background of being secretary of state as the kind of background that necessarily qualifies you to make policy as a senator," Porn said.

"The question will be to what extent Terri Lynn Land will be able to persuade people that she has the ability to make policy as a U.S. senator."

But Ballenger said that's not the only hurdle a Republican candidate might face.

"Republicans have not done well trying to win a U.S. Senate seat in the last six decades," he said.

Current state representative and Tea Party conservative favorite Justin Amash (R) has also been mentioned as another potential Republican candidate.

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